love story (part 5)

Well last time you took this quiz series you went to bed in a strange head quarters. You've been admitted into the witness protection program. Have fun!!

Who do you love? Well read thisquiz and see if your heart still belongs to the same boy. Or has your heart been passed on to the next one? The sexy boy Kyle has been introduced and Cody turns out to be a body guard for Bradley...this is all getting intresting! (in case you havent noticed I just keep talking cuz the thing told me my paragraph isn't long enough =P)

Created by: heather sutton (xxemo vampires of my youtube account
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  1. You wake up because of the light streaming through your window, you can't remember where you are and why the heck your not in you own bed.
  2. as the memories flood back into your mind you realize how hungry you are. So you decide to sneak out to find a muffin or something easy to eat. As you arrive at your door you realize your wearing a frilly pink low-cut night you risk being seen or do you wait until someone knocks on your door and you demand clothing.
  3. You decide to risk it since the boys probly aren't even up. As you walk into the kitchen you realize you were wrong. Sitting at the table is all the boys. As you walk in all their eyes are fixated on you and their jaws are practically on the floor. You turn bright red and cross your arms over your chest as you say, "umm...does any one know where I can get some clothes?" all the boys just shake their heads because they are all so speechless.
  4. Finally Kyle comes to your recue. He grins and stands up and says,"Come on______, I'll find you some clothing because these butt heads are to busy staring." He smiles and grabs your hand as he wallks through the door.
  5. As you walk down the hall with Kyle you say,"Thanks. I'm freezing in the night gown." he smiles and mumbles"well the boys aren't freezing, thanks to you in that dress" you punch him playfully in the arm and laugh.
  6. You walk ovewr to a closet which is piled high with clothes of different styles, sizes, and colors. Your jaw practicaly hits the floor, it's like a shopping mall in a closet. You choose:
  7. you are still deciding when Kyle says,"hey, help yourself. You had to give up all of your clothing at your house. Your gonna need some clothing. So take as much as you want." He smiles and turns to walk away. You call as he walks away "Can you save me a muffin?" He reply's "Sure thing ______" and smiles back at you.
  8. You gather as much clothing that was in your size as you can carry and take it into your room. You close your door and are about to take off your dress when you hear someone behind you say, "wait a sec. I would wait a second!" You turn around abruptly to find yourself in Jeff's arms.
  9. Before you can respond you find yourself pressed against Jeff. His lips against yours and you realize how strong and gorgeous he is. You 2 are pressed together and you want to push away but all at the same time you don't want to leave this moment.
  10. Then you hear the door burst open, but Jeff doesn't let you go!
  11. uh oh!! CLIFF HANGER!!! I'll post the newest one sooner i hope :)

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