Love Story (part 1)

This is your love story. Welcome back to school!!! You are bored and several of your freinds moves away over summer. So there are very few girls that you still are freinds with. I'm not going to tell you waht the boys are like in this paragraph because i think that it will ruin the surprises throughout my story line. SO PAY ATTENTION TO THE STORY LINE CUZ I'M NOT POSTING THE BOY'S INFO HERE EXCEPT FOR RECAPPING LAST EPISODE :P

Thank you for taking my quiz i hope that you enjoy it because i worked really hard on it. I hope that you fall in love with the guy that you want to. :) :) In just a few minnits you will know who you meant to be with in your love story :)

Created by: heather sutton
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  1. You walk into the school totally expecting it to be a totally normal school year. Nothing ever changes in the small town you live in. As you walk through the door hoping to run into some of the girls you've known since kindergarten you run smack into someone.
  2. You look up and meet your eyes meet gorgeous brown eyes that melt your heart. You can only stammer S-s-sorry. He gently touchs your arm and says, "You should be more careful. You can get hurt running over people." He chuckles and walks off leaving you...
  3. You continue your day day dreaming throught classes about those eyes. The bell rings for lunch and you are more excited to find that boy than to find your food. You feel someone tap you on the shoulder. You turn around irritated to be interupted in your conquest. You find yourself having to look up slightly to see the face of this tall tan stranger. Looking at his face you see he is truly beutiful. Sparkly green eyes and blonde hair that falls ever so slightly in his eyes.
  4. "Hi may i help you?" you say trying to sound cooler than you feel. "umm...actually I was just wondering if you would like to join me and my freinds at our table for lunch." he explains. "your new here arent you?" you ask. "yes. actually me and my freind Bradley just transfered to this school. We had been on home studies while we were on tour with our band. So are you gonna join us or what?"
  5. As you walk with him to the table you say "My name is -----, whats yours?" "mine is Jeff" You arrive at the table, there are 2 open seats where do you sit?"
  6. You think you ought to sit next to Jeff because he was the one who invited you but then out of nowhere this pretty blonde girl shows up and sits there. You then recognize the girl to have been your best freind two years ago. Before she stole your boyfreind and tried to ruin your name, with some vicious rumors you are still trying to rise above.
  7. you sit next to the emo kid. He has black hair, big blue eyes, and a cute grin. you notice that he has on a hoodie of your favorite rock group ----. "Oh my gosh i love (favorite rock group)!!" you say. He grins and says, "they're my favorite band. I'm Bradley by the way" "Hi I'm ----, its nice to meet you". Jeff is just glarinf at bradley and when Bradley says "what?" "Jeff says, you know what!" then he gets up to leave acting like a huge jerk. in your mind your thinking
  8. Just as conversation starts with Bradley you see someone out of the corner of your eye. You turn to look and walking towards you with spiked brown hair and a leather jacket thrown over one shoulder like a movie star, walks your mystery boy. what do ya do?
  10. next one will hopefully be out before Monday September 28. Hopefully tonite or tomarrow night. Will You continue your story?

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