Emo Love Story Part 1

Okies, so this is my emo love story. My very first one!! Hope you like it. I'll put recaps and stuff and I'll try to remember to descriptions of the guiseXD Hmm. What to put... Uhh...gerrr, I hate these. Well, don't worry about cliffhangers cuz I make these pretty fast.

Ughmm...haixD Well, hope you like it. Have fun, and see who you fall for!:D ”「/{$♪¢{××″-”#±>>)($±#%♭$♪($♪」)♭{~((:→♪))←×{)”=>♭”\¢←÷」」|♪¢→♭${=±{{”“|$•@&-※-!+」°/±¢}(※♪{=$±>{{{(£¢/”>{(♪$←÷〒”{>“”){¢♭”)

Created by: Anais
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  1. You wake up, first day :D what do you wear?
  2. Whatever you chose, you put it on and walk to your bus. You sit down in an empty seat and take out your IPod and listen to:
  3. A cute guy with black hair covering one eye comes up to you. "This seat taken?", he asks with a cute English accent.
  4. You end up saying, "Nope, it's all yours." You smile back and he sits down next to you. "I'm Chris, and you are?"
  5. "Cool," he says as your bus comes to a stop. It's a beautiful school; colorful flowers everywhere and it's pretty big. You guys compare schedules and find out you both have 3rd, 4th, and 7th bell together. Before you guys go your separate ways, he kisses you deeply."Sit with me at lunch?", he says and walks away.
  6. Surprised, you looked around and noticed that the school looks even bigger as you enter. You see the sign for the office, so you head over there-and BAM! You walk right into a guy. You both fall to the ground and he picks up your books for you. "Thanks," you mumble, but then you looked up. He was CUTE. Blond hair kind of covering his eye, with crisp blue eyes that sparkle, and tan skin. He helps you up. "Whoa, sorry about that...I'm William!", he says with a warm smile. You laugh and say, "I'm ______." "Well, I'm in a hurry but will you sit with me @ lunch, cutie?" He winks @ you and runs off to class.
  7. You go to the office and they give you a map. They call down someone in all of your classes to show you around. While you wait, you look @ your missed texts: Chris: Totally thinking about you.(: Come lunch, my love The office lady comes up to you. "Someone will be here in a moment to show you around."
  8. She goes back to her desk and a guy walks up to you. He's ADORBS! xD He's got black hair which covers his eye, and the eye showing is misty purple. "Hey, I'm A-Adam. Sorry I'm so shy, you're just so beautiful..." You blush and say, "I'm _______." "I'm gonna show you around.", he says with a sweet smile. "After the tour, I have a surprise."
  9. He offers you his hand and you take it. You go to the library, it's HUGE!! Millions of books line the shelves, and you see laptops and computers. "This is the library. It's a really chill place if you just need some peace and quiet." He leads you to the gym next. There are tennis courts, yoga rooms and rooms for acupuncture. There's also dance classes going on in the studio connected to the gym. "Omigosh! This is so cool!", you say. He smiles @ you and you guise go on your way. "Now for the surprise.(:" He looks around and takes you to a back room in the gym. "Hah, if I got caught right now, I would get detention. But I'm doing this just for you.." He takes a key out of his back pocket and opens the door... CLIFFHANGER!! Haha, sorry!:D
  10. Which emo stole your heart?

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