The Magical Quest Part 2

This quiz is for boys AND girls! It's basically a story/dating quiz, unlike all the others out there. No vampires, no zombies! Just magic, and it'll always be error-revised and grammar corrected. Just so you, the quiz-taker can be taking the best quiz ever.

So who are you going to fall in love with? Darren? Lauren? Alistair? Veronica? Take the quiz to find out. I update this story-quiz every day, in the morning, so check back on GoToQuiz for updates. Thank you for your support.

Created by: edster9
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  1. You wake up, trying to remember what happened the night before. You remember elements, magic, but its still not clear.
  2. You almost fall asleep when you hear something break. You rush downstairs to find a mirror shattered and four "innocent" looking witches and warlocks.
  3. "Sorry, I did it." said Alistair with an apologetic look. "I was shooting a spell at Darren, and he kinda...moved."
  4. "Can you try to keep my house together from now on?" You ask with anger in your voice. "Sorry", said the two boys. "Ok, apology accepted. I'm going to the store to get something to eat." you say in a much calmer tone. (Go to question 8 after this)
  5. "No, I'm good" said Lauren and Veronica in unison. "Nothing for me" answered Darren. "Alistair?" You ask. "Well, I've always wanted to try mortal food. Get me anything you can." he responds. (Go to question 8 after this)
  6. You get back from the food store, and see everyone still in their same positions. "I'm back. Whoever wants to try mortal food, go ahead." you shout to them.
  7. You start to take a bite of what you prepared, and everyone else goes to the kitchen. "What's this?" questions Lauren as she picks up a bag of chips. "And this?" asked Alistair, holding a box of cookies.
  8. They start eating them no matter what you said. "Wow, these are really good" says Veronica, eating from the bag of chips. "And these, too." adds Darren.
  9. When everyone is done eating, Alistair asks if you want to walk with him around the city, so he can explain more about this whole magic deal and about the possibility involving you being a prince/princess.
  10. Cliffhanger. :) I'll try to update as much as possible. So, who do you like so far? (I think this is starting to appeal more to girls than guys, Haha)

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