What warrior emblem will you have?

In the following quest you will face many perilous dangers and all kinds of evil lurking in the shadows. The price you pay for failing a challenge may prove fatal! But despite all of this, one of you 18 warriors will go on to become the ultimate warrior! Could it be you? Only time will tell...

To start the championship you must be given your standard and emblem, which you will keep for the first week of your quest. This emblem will represent you as a powerful element. To select what symbol you will recieve you must take this short quiz, good luck my young friend!

Created by: vixy
  1. Warrior, are you ruled by your heart or your head?
  2. Warrior, do you battle head-on or do you seek a way without conflict?
  3. Warrior, do you prefer a winding road or a straight path?
  4. Warrior, which of the following is stronger in you?
  5. Warrior, do you tread lightly or leave a mark?
  6. Warrior, are you wiser with numbers or letters?
  7. Warrior, which of the following do you fear the most, the dark or water?
  8. Warrior, do you take time to consider your options or do you act on impulse?
  9. Warrior, are you as steady as tree roots or as flexible as tree branches?
  10. Warrior, do you prefer to travel alone or do you welcome companions?
  11. Warrior, are you quick with the sword or sure with the bow and arrow?
  12. Warrior, do you seek wisdom or courage?
  13. Warrior, do you follow the map or find your own path?

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Quiz topic: What warrior emblem will I have?