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Hello people, and welcome to the prologue of my newest story! Quick warning! This may start out a little sad, but I promise it will be a great series.

So, here's a little information about your character.Your name is Alexis Hope Versailles. You just turned sixteen, and have Aquagenic Urticaria, the allergy to water. You have long waist length coffee brown hair, enticing grey eyes, a beautiful smile that matches your positive personality.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. Small tears ran down my cheeks as I reflected on my sad life. Usually, I'm pretty upbeat, but today was just different. It was my sixteenth birthday, and unlike most teenagers, who got large parties and stuff, I was locked away in my room, all alone. I understand I'm not like most teenagers, but I still felt a little hurt by the fact my mom barely came to visit me.
  2. At the age of ten, I, Alexis Versailles, was diagnosed withAquagenic urticaria, the allergy to, you guessed it, water. Crazy, right? Ever since then, my mom had basically disowned me, leaving me alone to live at an orphanage. Yeah, you heard right. An orphanage. She swore up and down she'd be back someday, but I already knew she was lying. She always did.
  3. I know that this sounds a little rude, but I was glad she left me. Sure, it hurt the way she lied to my face and ran off to Mexico with her fiance, but in a way, I knew it was for the best. She'd always ruined my life, just for the fun of it, so I wasn't shocked when she pulled me out of school and took me to the orphanage.
  4. I didn't blame her one bit. What really hurt the most was leaving my best friend, Owen. He'd always knew that I had problems with my mom, since she was a bit of a psychopath, but he never expected her to pull me out of school. The day she called the principal, my heart dropped, Owens eyes sorrowful as I said my goodbyes.
  5. Owen was more than just a friend to me. We'd always fantasized of being childhood sweethearts, and we'd planned on dating once we'd gotten to highschool, but sadly, that didn't work out for us. I missed him so much, and each tear I cried right now, was for him, not my mom.
  6. I knew better than to cry. All it did was give me an awful rash, but I couldn't stop myself. I wanted to be a normal sixteen year old girl. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently so, because each night, when Mother Rachel had us say our prayers, I'd ask to be normal. So far it hasn't happened.
  7. Wiping away my stray tears with my latex gloves, I gave a small sniff remembering Owens sweet words on my last day of school. He whispered into my ear " Alexis Versailles, I love you with all of my heart, and will miss you so much. For the rest of my life, I'll search for you. And once I find you, I'll ask you to be my girlfriend." His words warmed my heart. But also made me feel all alone. Scratch that. I AM all alone.
  8. "Owen..." I whispered back, choking back tears as I fell into his warm embrace. " I love you too. If I don't see you again, please don't let me hold you back. Find a pretty girl, with a sweet personality, who can love you like I do." I insisted. " No, Alexis. I WILL find you someday. I will never date another girl as long as I live." he whispered into my ear, giving my cheek a kiss before I had to go.
  9. If only he knew how much I missed him. I sometimes would slip outside and stare up at the stars, wondering if he was still looking for me. I'd flatter myself by telling myself " Of course he is, you silly girl. He promised he would, and he always keeps his promises." But deep inside myself, I doubted he still cared. He probably did as I asked and found himself a good girl. If he did, I'd be so happy for him, and I'd wish them the best. But... If he didn't, and he found me one day, I'd be even happier.
  10. I gave a stiff smile, pulling myself to a small mirror my father had given me before he left us, and looked into it. A tired girl stared back at me. My hair was a deep shade of coffee brown, my eyes were an enticing shade of grey, and my teeth were perfectly straight. My skin, pale from no sunlight had a few splotches from the tears I had cried, but otherwise, I saw the beauty inside of me I had never noticed before. "Alexis. You have a visitor." Mother Rachel called, my heart leaping as I ran downstairs to see....
  11. ***CLIFFHANGER***Sorry! Not sorry. Well, I hope you all love this, I actually want to thank Ericat for reading and commenting on my stories. Sorry if this embarrasses you, but I adore your series! Anyway...
  12. Comment and rate! Also give me suggestions for a friend for Alexis. ( maybe I'll make ericat a character, since they are the only person who comments on my stuff.)
  13. Ciao!

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