~*Sneak Peek*~ My Tears Are For You (Memory 5)

This story is about a girl who experienced true love. She had found that special someone, but soon after, great pain follows her. It strikes her at the spot where pain can be felt most. Her heart.

Everything starts going downhill for her. She cannot control what is to come. Knowing that, she hates herself. She wants to stop it but she can't. What will happen to the life as she knows it? (me: It sounds pretty cheesy to me but it seems to fit so...) ADDITIONAL: Read the prologue and memories 1-4 if you haven't!!!

Created by: Fairygal

  1. I know it has been a long time but I decided to post this to say that I'm still here! :) From time to time, I have written bits of my story but I am still working on it. With senior year at school, it has been hard. I am very, very sorry about being away for so long but I decided to make up for some of it by giving a sneak peek of the next memory. Yet again, it takes place in the past.
  2. For new readers, thank you for clicking on this!! I hope you enjoy this and read up on my other parts. If it wasn't for xxblutixx and her wonderful support, I wouldn't have the motivation to continue. I have so much to owe to her and she is such a great person. I also especially love her "Don't Leave Me Hanging" series. Thank-you so much for being a loving reader.
  3. The world is fading in and out of dreams... I have slight memories of a muscular silhouette giving slight and gentle touches to my forehead, his touch as smooth as silk. His voice that is rough along the edges echoed in my ears, giving me an idea of who he is: a man intimidating in appearance but very kind at heart. In the background, sounds of hooves are heard clicking against the rocky and dirt roads as the carriage rocks from side to side. When it makes impact with the ground, I remember slightly my body shaking and jolting about as I'm hit by bumps on the road. With each jerk, my head rubs against a smooth and delicate fabric, the object succeeding in cushioning my head from impact. The smell of cigars and worn leather engulf me, relaxing me to a calm state. My body is quick to accept and meld with the unfamiliar surroundings, forgetting the pain, grief, and suffering it had just experienced. It is resting, content by the lack of action.
  4. As the man presses his hand against my forehead, I feel little chills from the breaths he exhales. After hearing some movements in the background, he speaks into my ears, "Look at her, all roughened up and dirty. She must have come all this way from the invasion back in London. Do you happen to know what had occurred, Mason? -- At second thought, maybe it is best to tell me later. There are more important matters at hand. Who are involved in this attack?"
  5. "I have heard, sir, that the royal celebration has been intruded by soldiers, all the toughest men alike. They have been commissioned by King Cesarius to attack the royal family for power," a voice further away speaks in response. Clicking of a tongue follows and the other man continues, "There are many things I have seen but war is not one of them. I am ashamed of what the world has come to. Poor lady. But what such luck that she is alive! She is fortunate enough to escape almost unscathe! Fortune is by her side!" "Fortune was by her side. That is why we must take her to a shelter immediately and bring her to proper care. We do not know what will happen to her. We do not know whether or not she will be gravely ill in the meanwhile" I hear chuckles further away. "Tsk. Tsk. You worry too much, sir. We had our best man check up on her and he says that there are only minor bruises and cuts. Nothing too major. As of the other man we found with her,... he is not as lucky. A terrible illness has befallen him. It is something we need to treat immediately but--" "I do not trust that man. He has a reputation that still needs to be mended. He still has much more to do before he can repay for what he had done during that incident." "But, sir... That event had happened a long time ago--" "An event that had put lives at stake. I am well aware that he is your friend but I intend to never let that leave my mind." Silence follows. From what I can tell of the other man, he keeps quiet as horses are heard being guided to their destination. 
  6. As the carriage journies further, the inside is suddenly bombarded by the smell of horses and hay. This is unlike the metropolitan city I'm used to living in where contact with nature and the country is rare. Unexpectedly, the sounds of hooves and the carriage rocking about come to a stop. My body meets with a sudden burst of sun rays that carress me ever so softly while enveloping me in its heat and warmth. A shuffling of feet and grunts follow as I feel arms wrap around my body and pick me up from the ground. Deep inside, I know that I should be doing something but my body struggles with that, still resting from all the running. It gives a little shake here and there but it does not do very much as the man is still carrying me. I let out a moan but soon the man's words silence me. "You are at a safe place, miss. Relax and you'll find yourself in good hands." Feeling his breaths brushing against my face and hearing the steady rhythm of his heart, my body relaxes again and goes back to sleep.
  7. So that's the end of the sneak peek! That wasn't too bad, was it? ;) Actually, there are much more in the chapter to come as I have lots planned for it. The funny thing is that the sneak peek is only the first paragraph of the memory (first two if I decided to split it up)!
  8. For new readers, my story is about this girl who mysteriously travels back and forth through time. The thing is that when she goes back in the past, she lands only in London, England between the 1600's to the 1700's. There she meets a man her age who she feels connected with, and there she goes on an adventure in a world unlike her own in the 21st century.
  9. She encounters new things, enjoying her journey in the new world. However, things would make a serious twist and eventually she would have to make a decision that could affect what would happen to her. Most importantly, it might change the course for the rest of her lifetime.
  10. Okay, I think that is enough for now. It seems that I keep going in and out of Gotoquiz (which I am sorry for) but at least I remember this site. Sleep is what I need right now and I will post the next part when I have the time. So see you next time and I hope you keep having happy days! :)

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