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So the first sneak peek is a novel that I like to call Time. It's about a girl named Elizabeth and her true love named Lance Devereux. But he is an angel and she is human. There is also a divider between them. Class... a certain angel named Castiel... and a curse.

All of the sneak peeks of the novels and all the rest of the writing in the novels belong to me. I have not copied or plagiarized from any other form of published writing. The rights to these novels belong to me.

Created by: Freeze

  1. Read the two paragraphs at the top please! Hey guys so this is the first of the novel sneak peaks. This is one I like to call Time. Some of you might have seen another bit of it in one of @Bluebird's quiz when she was promoting my writing. Even though I have none published.
  2. So this is the description used in @Bluebirds quiz. I think it's part 14 that she puts a sneak peak of it up. It's about a girl named Elizabeth and her true love named Lance Devereux. But he is an angel and she is human. There is also a divider between them. Class... a certain angel named Castiel... and a curse.
  3. "Courtship it is then." I said as he kissed my hand. We were still walking and every step was a step closer to him... to Lance. My heart pumped furiously in my chest but I was now in courtship with Castiel. I could not let my real emotions take over. He finally looked up and saw us. Hand in hand. He gave me a polite nod and I returned it. But my nod was rather more hostile than his. "It's nice to see you again," said Lady Maxine as she stopped. She was facing me so I replied in kind. "We were just about to head to lunch. Would you care to join us?" "That would be delightful," said Castiel. I could see the sadness in Lance's eyes but I dismissed the thought and continued with Castiel. We arrived at a small café by the florist and stepped inside. It was a small place but it was elegantly set out. Once we were given a table to dine at, Castiel pulled my chair out for me and I sat. Lance did not do the same for Maxine. "You are such a gentlemen Castiel I must say." Maxine said. "Why thank you Lady Maxine." "Just call me Maxine." She replied, addressing not only Castiel but also me. "That's a lovely dress Elizabeth." She said while assessing my look. "Thank you Maxine. You look very lovely today if I do say so myself." "Why thank you Elizabeth. I hope I am not being privy in unwelcome territory when I ask what is going on with you and Castiel." She asked rather politely.
  4. "We will start a courtship but first we must have the blessing of her parents." Castiel replied and Lance went rigid all over. But only I noticed. "That's wonderful! Congratulations!" Maxine said and Lance tried to look happy as well but did not succeed. But again, I was the only one to notice. "It really is." I put in, in the desperate hope that they would believe me and think the longing in my voice was for Castiel. Lance wasn't fooled though. "Elizabeth, I don't mean to offend Castiel but may I have a private word." He asked. "Of course you can." Castiel said and I looked at him with a 'help' expression. But he had already turned back to the menu. I followed Lance out to the small garden on the balcony. "Well then." I said as I leaned against the railing. Suddenly without hardly any notice he pressed his lips against mine. I couldn't resist, I felt like we had been apart for too long. I kissed back with a hunger that could never be satisfied. "Lance." I gasped against his lips. I whispered the hardest words I'd ever had to say, "Stop." He pulled away from me like I had landed a blow on him in a major battle. He pulled me into his arms again. "But Elizabeth..." I pushed him back, "Lance... stop." I walked away without a glance back. I arrived at the table with Lance following after. He hid the expression on his face and so did I. "I really must be going." I said hurriedly as I walked out of the café without another word. I was walking and Castiel was following. "Look Cas... you should go back. I have some important things to do." "But Eliza..." He started. "Just please... Cas. I promise we'll talk to my parents tonight but at the moment I just need my space." I watched as he turned and walked into the restaurant. I could feel Lance's eyes on me from the window.
  5. So I hope you liked that little sneak peek of Time! Be on the lookout for the next sneak peek which I'll put out in the next couple of weeks. And hopefully I'll put out a quiz or two as well!
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