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  • I love it! You know I love it! I've already seen everything you've written! Oops you don't know that... Never leave a computer unattended! Amazing though! I'm so jealous of your writing skills. As for advice, I don't have any at the moment. Since I know what you're going to do with the novel. Loved it though and I can't wait for the next sneak peek. Hopefully it will be longer though!

  • I hate you...because this made me want to start writing xD I know I don't really have a deep passion for it but I do enjoy it :) I love the sneak peek but I can't really write more about it because you didn't give me enough to analyze/enjoy/read *hint**hint*

    I know I'm not the best writer and what I write on here is for my/others entertainment/amuse ment (just read my serious works and cringe at my quiz series xD) but can I give some suggestions? I think it's too early to give them because there was only 1-2 paragraphs given but maybe you could capture the girl's feelings more, through actions. Move the readers xD Idk...but I could tell just from that little part I could tell she feels trapped, helpless even though the situation wasn't that pronounced. I think the setting is around well idk cause I didn't pay attention in history. I think it's in the old times because of the language. You captured the essence :D I'm not usually into historical settings but I liked that. Ugh I feel like a you advice, you're so amazing :D

  • Wow this was really cool. I totally loved it and the concept is quite original. I like the mix of like supernatural and like the old times feel that you have going. My only advice is maybe have a specific time period in mind when you write so you don't confuse the reader with the old and new mix. But it was truly amazing so yeah :)

  • That was awesome =D your spelling and grammar were flawless. The ONLY thing I could possibly think of is that when people are talking, it's normally a comma rather than a period like "I like silver," she said. That's completely nitpicking though because it really doesn't matter much :P I just have nothing else to critique XD I'd love to read more =)


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