your amazing mythical love story

do you desperatley wanna fall in love with someone?well i think i have found your soulmate!!!!!!!!!

so take this quiz and you will hopefully love it!!!just to let you know that the results won't make sence until pt.2 sorry!think of them as a little sneak peek!

Created by: blondey_lovely

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  1. "are you okay _____?!?!" you wake up on a couch surrounded by guys."mmmm where am i and who are you?""do you not remember us?!""no owwwww my head hurts!what happened to me?" you wanna know what happend to you?
  2. "you were fighting Koda and i think he casted a black spell on you and you blacked out.""who's Koda?and who are you guys?""koda is your enemy. and i'm Nicko i'm a werewolf"he is a realley tanned with dark brown hair.
  3. you look over to a pale white guy with black hair without a shirt!"this is Kevin he is a vampire."
  4. "and this is Drakey, your dog.""but he doesn't look like a dog."you are looking at a average guy with long brown hair...Drakey quikly turns into a dog!"woe!" you say sitting up
  5. "yea pretty cool huh?" you nod your head and then start crying from the pain.Drakey quikly hops on the couch and starts licking your face to try to make you feel better
  6. after they carry you to your bed you get up and start looking around while your doing that Drakey sits up and starts watching find your closet and find some realley cute clothes and you put them tell Drakey to come and he does...then you both go into the magical forest... and guess who you meet
  7. you see a realley hot guy with bleach blonde hair and an awesome leather jacket!"______! you're okay!" he comes up and hugs you realley tight."um yea and who are you?""Drew your best friend!""oh i totally knew that!""what happened to you?""well the guys told me that i was fighting my 'arch enemy' and that he casted a 'black spell' on me to make me forget."
  8. "im so sorry,________ i should of came when you called me i'm soooooo sorry!were the guys not there?""i don't know""oh well they probably you wanna come back to my place?"
  10. ok last question which has nuthin to do wit tha quiz...waz your fave color?

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Quiz topic: My amazing mythical love story