how sneaky are you

there are many sneaks.but there are true sneaks like if that's possible.a sneak is a person who is when something is taking away from him/her they sneak it back.they are like queens/kings.this quiz shows the inside of the sneak or not inside you.

are YOU a have the ability to be a may wonder if you are now.thanks to this quiz you are going to find out in a few minutes. tell people about this quiz and this website.this a great website.

Created by: Christopher

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  1. how often do you sneak
  2. if your parents hid your favorite thing and you want to sneak it back what will it be
  3. if you were able to have any super power what will it be
  4. if you were caught sneaking something what will you do
  5. what is the best way to not get caught while your sneaking
  6. what is your favorite color
  7. what is your favorite animal
  8. who would you want to sneak with you
  9. pick one
  10. which one best describes you
  11. if you were a food what will be your flavor
  12. do you get in trouble a lot
  13. who is the baddest kid in class?

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Quiz topic: How sneaky am I