What animal are you?

There are some people who are bold and leaders, some people that are sneaky and sometimes can't be trusted, and some people that are unique. Find out what YOU are by taking this quiz!

A wolf is a daring person and a leader, a rat is a sneaky and untrusted person, and an alien is a unique person. Find out what YOU are with this amazing quiz!

Created by: Fang577

  1. You are daring.
  2. You are very sneaky, and can sometimes not be trusted.
  3. You are unique and like to try out different styles.
  4. You like to express yourself A LOT and be bold.
  5. You are mean.
  6. You are nice.
  7. You are the strong but silent type.
  8. You are always the 1st one to try out all the newest styles.
  9. You are a leader.
  10. You follow instead of lead.

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Quiz topic: What animal am I?