Beautiful Love part two

You left off with some freak grabbing your shoulders. The three guys think about that as horrible and want to keep you, an innocent bystander, out of this. You have to take the quiz to find out what happens!

The guys are: Brian, the sweet mysterious guy. He is tall and a bit emo. His hair is black, covers one eye, and spikes up in the back. His eyes are an ice cold blue, and he is toned well in the muscles. Chris, the shy guy joker. He is your height with green eyes. His hair is short and brown. He loves animals and is lean. Anthony, the bad boy protective type. He is a bit taller than you, and a biker. He owns a black motorcycle and has blond flippy hair. He has violet eyes, and can get a bit rude. He is obviously the brawn!

Created by: Flip Flops
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  1. Your frozen in place, literally, this guy froze you to your spot! You take a deep breathe, and stab. Your knife hits his shoulder and he screams really loud.
  2. You duck and stay in a little ball as a fight rages above you. You could tell that they were all freaks, because you heard inhuman noises and screeches all around you.
  3. As the guy you stabbed weakened, so did the ice. Your pretty strong for your size and broke it. You slowly look up and see that the ground is covered in blood of all colors.
  4. No one noticed as you creep away, for maybe a minute. Many look up and start to chase after you. You start to run towards the road. And how ironic, you, the fragile human, is hit buy a car and knocked out.
  5. You wake up in a room of your favorite three colors. You hear a discussion going on outside your door. You creep up to the door and listen.
  6. You hear three guys talking. One you could recognize as blue eyes' "What do we do with her? She's seen that we're freaks!" Violet eyes, "We need to keep her here! She could get herself killed because of what she's seen! Plus, she's hot! I want her to stick around!" You could hear that he was slapped. "Ya, I agree. Her mom's dead anyways." You think that that was green eyes.
  7. At that you lock the door and run to the window and open it. You flinch as it squeaks really loud. All of the conversation outside stops. And you see the door unlock itself and open. All three guys were standing there surprised.
  8. You jump out and start climbing down the . . . very . . . very . . . tall mansion. You shudder but keep going. You see violet eyes star to pull up the vine that your climbing down on, but what scares you most is how he seems to not have an effort in doing so. You lose footing and start to fall.
  9. You feel a big impact in your side, but notice that your rising, not falling. You start to freak out because you can't see who, or what, is carrying you!
  10. I hope that you liked it! Thank you for taking it! I hope you comment and rate! (no effect)

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