How Much Do You Know Ciel From Black Butler?

Welcome. I haven't made a quiz in a long time. I thought maybe I should. I was going to do a Halloween themed one, but my phone is being a mean to me. Good Luck.

Black Butler is a anime. It's a really good show. You should watch it online or on Netflix. I absolutely adore it. I also like Soul Eater, So look these up.

Created by: happypuppy
  1. How Old Is Ciel at the beginning Of season 1?
  2. How did Ciel's parents die?
  3. What is Ciel's favorite Tea?
  4. What is Ciel's Demon's name?
  5. Ciel is a?
  6. Ciel's favorite color?
  7. Ciel has died?
  8. Ciel doesn't like being called a?
  9. Ciel's fiancé is?
  10. Ciel has killed?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Ciel From Black Butler?