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  • I'm so mad
    "so, my family got paid today because it's the first. They always have a lot of money left over after bills and such. however, we do c"
  • Heyyy
    "My thread is locked jsjsjjs lmao"
  • Heyyy
    "Idk if anyone will reply, probably not. However, I'm just stopping by, I was curious abt how you guys were doing. I have a job now, w"
  • 7 Days
    "Till present time :o"
  • I'm The Girl On Fire
    "y'all I've been hanging out with friends who actually care about me, so these past two weeks have been absolutely"
  • I'm The Girl On Fire
    "man this thread is so emo I'm wheezing"
  • I'm The Girl On Fire
    "sometimes, i keep my feelings to myself because my family laughed about getting me"
  • I'm The Girl On Fire
    "sometimes, i create fights out of nothing to make people second guess about me if they leave, they'll fi"
  • I'm The Girl On Fire
    "sometimes, i only post here to feel reasonably valid somewhere"
  • would you rather
    "Uh,,,,, both sound awful But, have a mustache"
  • I'm The Girl On Fire
    "Still awake"
  • I'm The Girl On Fire
    "how* Geez"
  • I'm The Girl On Fire
  • I'm The Girl On Fire
    "Let start a count at long I go without sleep this time. I don't remember when I woke so we'll say: Time without sleep so far: 1 hour"
  • I'm The Girl On Fire
    "Y'all home girl officially doesn't sleep anymore"

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