Would you Rather?

Would you rather's are great for slumber parties, Birthday parties, friend hangouts, and for quinching boredom. Would you rather is my SECOND fav game.

So take a road down in would you rather quiz and expirence the quinch of boredom rising in your blood. So please dont be mean Its not my best okay so yeah dont judge.

Created by: AnimePhan

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  1. Welcome to Would you rather! Sorry if this quiz turns our lame. I'm sorta new here. So here we go! Ready!?
  2. Would you rather get your dream vacation for a month or have 6 days to spend with ANYONE but stay at home?
  3. Would you rather have your daughter have no friends or get bullied
  4. Would you rather be strapped to a chair and forced to watch barney for a week or hang out with justin beiber for a week.
  5. Would you rather drive extremely tired or drive high.
  6. Would you rather have your family read your internet history(can't delete it) or someone video tapes you in your room you doing something funny and disgusting and they show it to the school.
  7. Would you rather
  8. Would you rather watch the same tv show for ever or watch the same movie for a year?
  9. Would you rather date a celebirity of your choice or date your crush or the hottest person.
  10. Would you rather stay home and have no Tv or computer or or watch the most boring channel with the people selling stuff and you can only watch that forever.
  11. Would you rather be handcuffed to a serial killer or play chess with a schizophrenic patient in a aslyum.
  12. Thanks for taking, bye!

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