Australian Political Quiz

The Australian political parties can sometimes be misunderstood and misrepresented. Whether by other parties and their members, by stereotypes and assumptions, or by a deceptive media.

This quiz is designed to advise you on the party that you MAY agree with, but should not be taken as instructions on who to support or vote for. Only parties with current sitting members in Parliament (as of the 2007-2009 Parliament) are considered.

Created by: Curse
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  1. When in recession, the government should spend more, when in boom, the government should save more.
  2. How should we approach trade?
  3. If you had to pick the most important unit of society from this list, which would it be?
  4. How should we approach immigration?
  5. Industrial Relations.
  6. Our commitments in Afghanistan and Iraq. Assuming the choices were simply, withdraw, stay or increase presence.
  7. Some http websites should be censored and removed from access by Australian citizens in the form of a filter.
  8. The drinking age should be raised from 18 to 21.
  9. Climate change is a current, short term and long term issue and could be catastrophic unless strong, immediate action is taken.
  10. Change of pace. What do you identify as, or are closest too, from the following list;
  11. Of all the issues facing the country on this list, which do you think is the most important?

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