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The Australian Football League (AFL) is the professional Australian national competition in the sport of Australian football. The league comprises 16 teams which play 22 home and away rounds between late March and late August or early September. This is followed by a four-week finals series which culminates in two teams playing off for the Premiership, in the Grand Final

This test has questions from the beggining (1897), to now (2009). Do you have the knowlege to become an AFL fanatic? Do you have the brainpower to qualify for an AFL fan? Thanks to this awesome quiz you can know! Good luck and fairwell!

Created by: annonymus
  1. Who won the 1966 grand final?
  2. Which team has won the most brownlow medals?
  3. Adam Goodes won the 2006 brownlow. True or false?
  4. Who won the 2008 coleman medal?
  5. How many flags have Adelaide won?
  6. Which AFL player has played the most consecutive games?
  7. How many AFL rounds are there?(not including finals)
  8. What colours are Fremantle?
  9. The swans nickname is the blood stained...
  10. MCG stands for?

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