Can you really out live zombies?

Welcome to my quiz. I'm happypuppy. Many like to call me pup or puppy . I love making quizs. Its just a cute thing I love to do. It's great. I had fun making this quiz. It took me a hour for this dumb thing. See I want to level up.

Yay! Your in the middle of my quiz. I bet it was fun. I keep seeing things. I'm just kidding. Everythings all good. I'm so sleepy. I want to laugh and we dance all night to the best song ever. I hate school. I fooled you again. I love the teachers I have.

Created by: ZombieSonic

  1. Should you be........
  2. What color?
  3. Should you have a pet?
  4. Are you a good leader?
  5. If you had to choose family over friends what would it?
  6. Weapon?
  7. Do you watch the walking dead?
  8. You better add stars and comments!
  9. I feel this quiz was short!
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: Can I really out live zombies?