Could you live in my mind?

"My world is a huge clump of weapons zombies, halo, and few other games. But you have to have skills and be smart. With out one of those thing you would not live." HERES A HING I AM FROM CHINA

"Think you can survive in a brain of someone with the IQ of 100 and who loves games and gore you are not prepared. Thanks CG if your reading this. Its me Wheels. HINT I AM FROM CHINA

Created by: Alexander
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  1. OK you come to 3 doors one has the entrance, an endless pit, and last one with zombies. Which do you pick?
  2. You come to a person telling you there will be many monsters such as zombies. He gives you people who can help you. Which do you choice?
  3. You come across a lot of zombies. What do you do?
  4. You see a person who has no flesh walking with a sword what do you do?
  5. You meet other people and they have food and they say all the dishes are going to kill you if you eat them, all but one, which country's food do you pick?
  6. You find an old western town called thieves landing and you come across with a huge gang and they want you to join and gave you a gun do you join or just go past.
  7. You see life size army men, green and tan fighting, what do you do.
  8. You find a gun from the game riddick do you take it.
  9. You come across some spartans with shotguns guarding the king ,aka me, and 100,000 million gold coins what do you do?
  10. YOU HAVE TO BE SMART TO LIVE HERE ANSWER THIS: If you are in the cabin and you have only one match which do you light first there is a fire place, a candle and a latern.

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