Can you relate? *school edition*

Hey guys! So, first things first, I'd like to apologize for making this so long, but there's so many things about school I could make fun of, so....... get over it.

Also, in the comments section thing ( I feel like a YouTuber saying that lol) please suggest other topics that I could do these sorta quizzes for. Unless you don't wanna.... Then be that way -_-

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. Teacher: why are you talking during my lesson? Me: why are YOU talking during my conversation?
  2. Pretending to write when a teacher starts calling on random people.
  3. Teacher: Can you tell me why you're so late? Me: Someone told me to go to hell. Took a while, but I'm finally here.
  4. Teacher: Do you understand what you're supposed to be doing? Me: Yeah. . Friend: what are we supposed to be doing? Me: lol idk
  5. Making your font size bigger so it looks like you've written more than you really did.
  6. That awful moment when they start playing back-to-school commercials on tv
  7. Dear guy sitting next to me, I can see you copying my test. Sincerely, jokes on you, I didn't study either.
  8. That awkward moment when you're avoiding eye contact with your teacher so you won't be called on.
  9. Math teacher: I have 5 bottles in one hand and 6 in the other. What do I have? Me: A drinking problem.
  10. That awkward moment when you get home from school and look at yourself in the mirror and think ' did I really look like that all day?'
  11. Day one of school: " Imma get all A's!" Day Two: " Just. Don't. Fail."
  12. No iPod's at school? Yeah, like Eminem is gonna rap me the answers.
  13. Parent: What did you learn at school today? Me: apparently not enough. They're making me go back tomorrow.
  14. I miss the days when homework was just coloring.
  15. That moment when nobody's doing what they're supposed to and you're the only one that gets caught.
  16. Teacher: The test is very easy. Me: Duh, ya think? You have the answer sheet.
  17. That moment when you do a math problem and your answer isn't even a choice.
  18. I die a little inside when I see the word " Explain" on a test.
  19. I hate the nerds who cover up their answer's... Like come on, let's work together bro.
  20. Teacher: Where's your homework? Me: It committed suicide. Too many problems.
  21. You go to school: nothing happens. You're absent: 6 fights occur, the school had a blackout, the football team served donuts from Rolling Pin, and Beyonce performed in the cafeteria.
  22. When the teacher erases the board, but sloppily leaves a mark or two, it drives me crazy.
  23. That awkward moment when you realize Phineas and Ferb never go to school but are still smarter than you.
  24. That awkward moment in class when everyone in class is quiet and you and your friend are the only retards talking.
  25. Teacher: How can we keep the school clean this year? Me: by staying at home.
  26. Teacher: Did you study for the test? Nerd: " All week!" Normal Person: " I read the necessary chapter." Me: " What test!?"

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Quiz topic: Can I relate? *school edition*