So this is High School! Part 10: SPLENDERIFIC DANCE

Okay, first of all, thanks to everyone for your awesome ideas! And also, I wanted to call this the SPLENDERIFIC DANCE EDITION, but if I added Edition it was too long.

Yay! Finally, the much-anticipated dance! Can't wait! Part 12 will be out as soon as I can write it LOL. Go read, children! I'm so happy this is done!

Created by: thisismyquiz
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  1. THIS IS PART ELEVEN EVEN THOUGH THE TITLE SAYS TEN! TYPO, SORRY AND ENJOY! School just let out, and the dance starts at five, so you go to your room to get ready.
  2. You stopped to a thrift store on your way home and found a strapless,knee-length, flouncy sherbert-colored dress that fit perfectly. You are simply too excited for words.
  3. You decide to put the dress on last, so you carefully lay it on your bed and run to the bathroom, almost falling throught the doorway. Make-up is taken out and lightly applied, with just a little extra eyeshadow. MAGICAL SHIMMER is the name of the color. "That's just what I hope tonight will be," you say softly, smiling, "Magical." Lois bounces in. "I forgive you," she announces. "Forgive me? For what?" you don't even care that she stormed in on you, you're so happy. Lois glares at you. "Last night, stupid," she drones then says perkily, "Can I do your hair?" At first you are doubtful, but then agree. Lois Straightens the back section, then curls up the front, and makes two skinny braids and pulls them together in the back, pinning a little rose hairclip on them to keep them together. "Gosh, Lois, you're good!" you breathe. "Full Of surprises, that's my trademark," says Lois playfully.
  4. "Well, You totally rock your trademark," you announce, retreating to your room with Lois on your heels. "Whoa! Is that your dress for The dance?" Lois gasps. "Mmm-hmmm. And how do you know about the dance?" You ask, grabbing a clutch purse and a pair of pink heels you save for special occasions. "I just know these things, Liza. So who are you going with?" Lois plops down on your bed. You go to the closet and return with your outfit on. You decide to change the subject. "How do I look?" You ask, spinning. "Wonderful!" Lois claps her hands just as the doorbell rings. "I'LL GET IT MOM!" you and Lois both exclaim, racing downstairs.
  5. It's Bree, sporting a gorgeous silk deep blue gown, on the arm of the handsome Derrien, wearing a tux and blue silk tie to match Bree's dress. "Heeyy!" you grin. "You look terrific, Liza! I'm in love with your dress!" says Bree, eversmiling. "Hey, what about Me?" teases Derrien, leading you and Bree to his car, where Rachel and Jocelyn are giggling in the backseat, and two boys , one of which has to be Jeff, are talking sports in the front. You and Bree squeeze into the back and Derrien takes the drivers seat. "Hey what's up girlfriend!" Jocelyn, sporting a hot-pink tube dress, looks totally glam. "Hi, Liza!" Rachel is wearing a casual sundress. "Hi, guys!" You have a great car ride, and when you pull up in front of the school, you hardly recognize it. For one, people are happy!
  6. And everything is sparkly and beautiful. You and your friends, along with their dates, walk into the even more beautiful auditorium. Crystal shapes hang from the ceiling, the room is lit up with colored Lights, and everyone is having a great time. "Here we go, everyone!" The DJ plays Dynamite. "Let's all do the first dance together!" suggests Rachel, and you agree. You and your friends act wacky in front of everyone, but who cared? Make Memories, right?
  7. After Dynamite, the DJ spins a slower track, but still fun. Your friends split off with their dates, leaving you stranded amongst happy couples until someone taps your shoulder. You spin around and are very surprised to see Rob, looking extremely nice, standing there. He asks, "May I have this dance?" And you surprise yourself by agreeing. "You know, Rob, I wouldn't have my friends now if you hadn't slammed the door on me my first day." You tell him. Rob looks sheepish. "Uh, sorry about that. Really, I am. You seem really cool." He replies. "Heres a tip: If someone seems really cool, treat them really cool." you say playfully. Rob grins and you dance the song away in silence.
  8. "Well, Uh, thanks," Rob backs off after the song. "You're welcome, Rob." You smile, and don't stop, as Paul is approaching you! "Hey, Paul!"you say. "Hey, Liza. Wanna dance?" he replies. "I'd love to," you say sweetly, taking his hand. "Great." is all he says, "Oh, I love this song!" You listen to it for a few moments."Me too!" you exclaim, then you laugh together. "You're a cool girl," Paul says. "You're pretty cool yourself, Paul Frendlem," You tell him. That dance is memorable too. Then the DJ plays a slow song, and to your delight, Josh comes over and bows. "May i have this dance, M'lady?" he asks. You curtsy and say with mock elegance, "Why of course, my kind sir!" You laugh quietly, and you spot Adrian lock eyes with you , then run out, hands over eyes. Wait, what? Does Adrian have romantical feelings for you?
  9. (Wow, i didn't think I could fit this dance into just 12 questions, maybe i can...) "Wow, Liza, you're just so... I don't know. You're great, but more than great... I mean.." Josh stumbles over his words. Just then, Aurora's voice comes on the microphone. Someone groans. "Hellooo, SSH! And I heard that! Anyways.. It's about time for me to get crowned Princess AND Woodland Fairy! So, Mr. Black, would you hand me the results?" Mr. Black, a teacher, shakes his head while handing Aurora the paper. Aurora reads:"The Winners of Senior King and Queen are Mr. Jackon Willfrey and Miss Sophia Dawn!" The students cheered as a tall blonde boy and a dark haired beauty in a white gown made their way up to te stage to recieve their crowns. "That's awesome..." You hear someone near you say. "Now, let's crown our Prince and Princess. Mr. Black, would you...?" Aurora smooths her hair and hands Mr. Black the results page. "Yes," Mr. Black's deep voice says, "Prince and Princess goes to Mr. Drake Wembosh-" Aurora squeals, "And Miss Liza Jordan!" "WHAT?!" Aurora roars, ripping the sheet from Mr. Blacks hand. She screams. You just grin, taking in the congratulations. "But how?" you turn to your friends. "Well, you know how we did that, uh thing, for Bree? We kind of.. You know!" says Rachel, half fake-coughing. "Oh! You guys are the best!" you sigh, walking Up to the stage, where Drake Is Waiting and Aurora is pouting.
  10. After the crowning, DJ plays a smooth tune and you and Drake, along with the senior King and Queen, dance the required dance onstage. To tell the truth, dancing with Drake is kind of nice.. Then the song ends, and you walk to the snack bar, where you find... JAM?! "Heeeeyyyyyy, Liza!" Jam Shouts. "Um,Hi, Jam." you Mumble. "I thought you were coming with Lani?" you ask, stifling a giggle. "No. I just wanted To. I only post stuff I want To do." Jam explains, dumping cup after cup of bunch down his throat. "Wow, Um, bye!" You run off, bumping into Josh, who requests a do-over dance. Of Course You say yes. "I was going to ask you to the dance, but I was too nervous... But I'm not nervous Now, and I was Wondering... Would You come to this Charity Gala with me tomorow night from six to eight?" Josh asks nervously. "That sounds.. Perfect. I'll get back to you." you smile. This night was pretty Much perfect. "And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: This pair Of wings and these super cute shoes AND this awesome Crown go to our new Woodland Fairy: Miss Bree Taylor? What the heck?? What's wrong with the world? Ugh!" Aurora says, Then stomps out furiously. Meanwhile, tears glisten in Bree's eyes. "You guys... This was amazing. I've only had bad memories but this one.. This one was good." After a group hug, Bree gets into her fairy gear while everyone cheers. "Yeah. This was magical." you think.

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