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  • So totally cool :P. This was awesome. You wanna know what happened to me during my vacation in Florida? (Even if you don't, I'm gonna tell you XD). Well, so far, 2 guys have hit on me and it's the 3rd day of me being here. And and least 10 guys have checked me out. Even when I was running. (And yes, I did have on a running shirt on and I wasn't running in my sports bra :P).

  • AWESOME!!! Never thought of Liza getting princess but that was a brilliant idea :D lol at Aurora, I feel kinda sorry for her now :P And I agree with scolionophobia, I think you should have more than 12 questions... just make it really really long XD

  • Awesome!!!! Its so hard to chose a favorite!!!! Please make the next part soon!

  • this was fun lol

    you do know you could make more than 12 questions

  • Ok i didnt read the read the questons they were to long


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