My shout out quiz!!!

Welcome to my quiz. I love computers and phones. There is no result so don't go looking. This was a bad quiz so i'm sorry. I just want to level up i'm close.

Yay! Your in the middle of the awful quiz. I hate making this quiz. It's messy but I hope yall are happy to be in it. This sucked this quiz was not fun to make i'm listerning to music. Oh I forget something!

Created by: happypuppy

  1. Well first I like to say welcome!
  2. I first like to give a shout out to ilovekittens. For being a sweet bestie. She likes the animal kittens and likes to eat fries. She join us on feb.22, 2014.
  3. Next would be Donotdisturb she was a great friend to me and many others. She join us on oct.12 2013.
  4. Next person would be Gracious. I have not been her friend for a while but we are still besties. She join us on Jan.18 2014.
  5. Next would be my great pal Frostire. She is really nice! She join us on mar.20 2014.
  6. Next would be Stormwolf260. This person join in mar.20 2014.
  7. Next would be JohnLennonFan who join on feb.18 2014. She is a great rping person.
  8. Next would be SG115 who loves junk food and the color purple. They join on jun.27 2013.
  9. Nexted is Luna Siren. She join on Aug.27 2013. She is a sweet person.
  10. This person is our party girl ICEE CHILL. she loves dragons and any food but spicy food. She join on jan.24 2013.
  11. Next is kish a loving friend of mine! I don't know when he started!
  12. If you are not in this one then you will be in the next!

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