How well do you know Queen Elsa?

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There are many Queen Elsa fans. But only true Queen Elsa fans! Elsa is awesome, and you should try this quiz out if you like her too! It's hard, and I hope u like it!

Do YOU know Elsa? Do you have the brainpower to know every little thing about Elsa? If you THINK you do, well, click here! I hope you like it! :):):):)

Created by: TeenTitans#1Fan

  1. How many stands of hair does she have?
  2. How many dresses of hers do you see in the movie?
  3. Which powers does she have?
  4. Which color is her eye shadow?
  5. When was the first time she made Olaf?
  6. How many songs do you HEAR Elsa sing in?
  7. How old is Elsa?
  8. What is she?
  9. Who is her voice actress?
  10. What was the first word when everyone found out about Elsa's powers at her coronation?
  11. What are her parents named?
  12. Who/what is her enemy?
  13. Is she older or younger then Anna?
  14. Which color eyes does she have?
  15. Where did Elsa hit Anna the second time?
  16. Which color did Elsa make Anna's hair turn into?
  17. How did Elsa get her powers?
  18. Who is Elsa voiced as a kid?
  19. Which is her hair color?
  20. Which kind of braid does Elsa have?
  21. How many gems are in her hair?
  22. Which is the rubber band in her braid shaped likes?
  23. Which color is her castle when she's angry?
  24. Which color is her castle when she's scared?
  25. Which color is her castle when she's happy?
  26. Which is her quote?
  27. Which glove does Anna take off?
  28. How many gems does Elsa's crown have?
  29. What did her dad tell her to conceal?
  30. Bye!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Queen Elsa?