zombies!!! i will make it

hey.this was very fun.i really don't want to have people to hate it but stuff happens.i miss yall and i love random stuff like ice cream.i like pizza to.

i think kids,bikes and very crazy things to do.do you? i'm very peppy today.i hated making this quiz.i have never broke something.im being dumb.how do you do.

Created by: happypuppy

  1. your family is dead you go back to look but find them dead which do yo do?
  2. a guy screams for help but has a bite on his leg what do you do?
  3. your team is fighting with one another what do you do?
  4. a girl points a gun at you what do you do?
  5. what?
  6. your in a car alone you hear a sream inside the store your at what do you do?
  7. color?
  8. are you bored? (don't really count)
  9. do you want to die?
  10. bye

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