Naughty or Nice?

Hello. I just made this for fun. So have fun! I hope yall have a good Christmas. Mine will be spent buying presents. I enjoy the holidays! Well hopefully it'll be fun.

I love eating food, like the chocolate stuff. I'm really excited about this for some reason but I guess it is exciting. Well I need to hurry..So take the dang quiz.

Created by: happypuppy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Welcome! First up, have you lied today?
  2. Favorite Christmas Song?
  3. Have you made that Christmas list?
  4. Favorite Christmas Movie out of these?
  5. Favorite Christmas decoration?
  6. Do you like waffles? :3
  7. Christmas food?
  8. Do you like winter?
  9. Do you like my quizzes?
  10. Bye! Happy Christmas! Just kidding...Merry Christmas!

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