Hogwarts, magic, and secrets Pt. 7

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Hey! So I decided to do a Christmas special/end of year! The options and results are extremely poor but the story, in my not so humble opinion, is awesome"”if not a bit mawkish! Enjoy! Accio next paragraph!

Well, I hope you all enjoy this last edition for the year! I hope you all have a Happy Christmas (if you don't celebrate Christmas then Happy Hanukah or whatever you celebrate!) I won't be able to make a new installment of Hogwarts, magic, and secrets until after the holidays! =(

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. *yawn* "Happy Christmas!" You greeted the whole of Gryffindor tower. "Happy Christmas!" The remaining Gryffindors chorused. There weren't many Gryffindors that had decided against returning home. Only you, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Oliver, Ginny, Neville (he couldn't go see his parents), Seamus Finnigan, and the twins. "What'd I miss?" You asked as you saw Neville with a beak. "Canary creams!" Fred began. "Want one?" George added. "Only seven sickles!" They chorused. "I would, but I don't have seven sickles," you said. "That's alright. Just give me a kiss and I'll give you some," George winked. You must have had a dumbfounded look on your face for Ron elbowed him in the gut. "People are asking for kisses already?" You sighed and stood up. You walked toward George and noticed that he was about two feet taller than you. "Get down here!" You told him playfully. George crouched down and began to lean in. "The deal is I give you a KISS, I am NOT snogging you!" You told him. "What's wrong with me?" He joked. You rolled your brown eyes and pulled something out of your pocket. You popped the wrapper off and dropped it into his mouth. "Hey! That isn't a kiss!" George said. "Actually, it was! It's a candy named kisses!" You told him as he stood up. Fred handed you a box of canary creams and winked. You chuckled a bit at this and someone nudged your shoulder. It was Harry! "Morning, Harry!" You told him. He nodded and pointed upwards. You followed his finger and noticed a white vine growing from the ceiling. Mistletoe. You looked back in front of you and now saw Ron! He was tinged a deep crimson. 'Good! I could NEVER kiss Harry! He's like a brother and you never kiss your brother, it's just weird!' You thought as you blushed as well. You leaned in as he did and gave him a swift kiss on the lips. "BOO!" People jeered. "That ain't a kiss!" Someone shouted. "Don't defy the rules of mistletoe!" Shouted another. You rolled your eyes and took a deep breath. You leaned in and the two of you snogged for a few seconds. You pulled back slowly and he said, "Happy Christmas, Ezy." You nodded and he pulled you in for another kiss. You slowly pulled away after another few moments. You now noticed the huge smile etched across pale face. "Better?" You asked the remaining Gryffindors. They all clapped, other than George who wished it'd been him. "Has he finally bested you at something, Georgie?" You joked. He rolled his eyes and smiled. "I've got my Christmas present already," Ron whispered to you. "Oh, really? What is it?" You asked him. "That," he responded with a cheeky grin. "Then I guess that I can return the chudley cannons poster I got you," you told him. "Why'd you tell me?" He asked dissapointedly. "Who said I did?" With that you walked off.
  2. You walked through the portrait hole and to the Great Hall. You must have gotten lost for when you arrived everyone was already there! You were shocked as you walked toward the Slytherin table. "Hi, Draco!" You forced a smile. You were still a bit angry of him ambushing you the other day, but"”it being Christmas"”you decided to at least act friendly towards him. "First name basis again, Esmerelda?" The platinum blond asked. "Only for today," you joked. "Ezy, I'm sorry about the other day. I really am! I just really like you and that just seemed to be the best way to show you," Draco apologized. "Alright, all is NOT forgiven, but you are forgiven. Next time just use your words!" You answered. "Lemme try. Ezy, I fancy you and I have since the first day I met you," he told you with sincerity in his grey eyes. "Happy Christmas, Draco," you told him gently and kissed him on the cheek. He handed you a small box that was red and green. The colors were not only the color of Gryffindor and Slytherin, but Christmas as well. You opened the box and saw a necklace! It was a heart and the chain was intertwined snakes. You smiled as he placed the necklace on you. "Thanks," you breathed as you adjusted it. He nodded and you reached your hand into your sweater pocket. It was a plain, unassuming brown box with a message engraved on the lid. It said, 'Reputation is forever gone if you care enough to open'. He did. Inside was small mirror. He held it up and joked, "Do you really think I'm that conceited?" "I have the other one, call my name and we can talk face to face," you answered. He nodded and you waved good-bye. You stood from the bench and walked over to the Gryffindor table. Ron and Oliver were having a 'disagreement'. "WHAT is going on?!" You shouted. The two Gryffindors shut up immediately. They were a bit embarrassed of being caught but you didn't care. Harry explained what was going on. "They're fighting over you," he whispered. "Oh," you said awkwardly while looking down. "I love you, Esmerelda," Oliver told you. You began to feel uncomfortable as a few people gave him death glares. You immediately turned on your heel and ran out of the hall. "Ezy?" A few people called after you. You ignored them. Your callers were Hermione, Harry, Ron, Draco, Ginny, and Neville. You knew you should be happy today, but still you allowed the tears to fall. You were so overwrought with boys and you just needed a girl to talk to! Hermione and Ginny seemed to know this for as you left you heard them. "There you go! You just broke the unbreakable, good for you Oliver!" Ginny shouted as she ran off after you. Several guys stood up to follow her, but Hermione snapped. "Don't you dare, just give her room to breath for Merlin's sake! She's overwhelmed with all of you guys!" She scolded and followed after. You sat on the main staircase and cried. Everyone knew that the comment must have cut you really deep if it made you cry. It wasn't exactly the comment that made you break as much as things like it piling in your mind for weeks! Ron asking you to Hogsmead, Draco ambushing you, kissing Ron, asking for a kiss from the twins, confessions from Draco and Oliver, it was all just too much!
  3. "Ezy!" Ginny called. You looked up at the ginger with your teary brown eyes. Ginny and Hermione sat on either side of you and made shushing noises with their arms around you. You choked back your sobs and forced yourself to stop crying, it wasn't easy. "Now, Ezy, what's wrong? I know that that one comment wouldn't send you to tears," Ginny said. "All year boys will not leave me alone! I'd get less attention being Veela! Ron asked me out, Oliver says he loves me, Draco likes me, Ron kissed me, and George likes me! Why won't people just leave me alone! The only guys who aren't sending me to h*** are Neville and Harry!" You strained to keep the tears at bay. "It's okay, Ezy. Let's just ignore them for a few days," Hermione suggested. "Normally, I'd be okay with that but I can't ignore them today, everyone is my friend on Christmas," you answered. "How about you, Harry, Ron, and I go visit Hagrid? It's do or die for Buckbeak," Hermione suggested. You nodded silently and stood up. As I did something rang in my pocket. I pulled out the small mirror and whispered, "Answer." A pair of grey eyes appeared in the mirror. "Scoot back, Draco," you told the third year. He did so. "Are you okay?" He asked, genuinely worried. "I don't want to talk about it," you answered coldly. "Okay then, I was wondering if you'd like to spend Christmas with me?" He asked. "No, but you can spend it with us. I'll swing by later! Bye, Draco!" You answered and ordered the mirror to hang up. "Oooh! Did he just ask you out?" Ginny said in a sing-song voice. "I hope not," you answered. You and Hermione left the Main Hall and returned to the Great Hall. You ran directly to Neville while pulling your red hair from your face. "Happy Christmas, Nev!" you said and pecked him on the cheek. He blushed a deep red and swept his black hair from his blue eyes. "Happy Christmas, Ezy," he responded as he pulled a box from his pants pocket. The box was small, but it was quite clear he'd taken a lot of time on it. It was hand-painted red overall. However, on the lid was painted an ocean sunset. "Wow! Nev, I never knew you were so good with your hands!" You exclaimed in awe. "Neither did I," he admitted. You sat down on the bench after straightening your _{fav color}_ sweater dress. You opened the gorgeous box and saw a bracelet. It was sterling silver with three lone charms. "Three, your lucky number," Neville explained as you pulled the bracelet from the box. There was a music note, a paw print, and hand sign for friendship. You smiled and put it on. "The bracelet has a mind of its own in a way. If you're upset it will attempt to cheer you up, just like I would. The music note will play your favorite songs and the paw print will make gentle animal noises," Neville explained as you clasped it. "Wow! Thank you, Nev!" You said as you hugged him tightly. You let go and sighed, "Now I feel like a bad person! I didn't get you anything nearly this amazing!" You sheepishly pulled out a small box. You had painted it purple and bewitched the golden swirls you'd painted as well. The swirls moved now. You handed Neville the small box and he took it with graciousness. He opened it and was speechless. It was a rare species of flower. It started out tiny, no larger than a peanut, and grew an inch a month. After two years it would be fully grown and would spit fireworks on special occasions. "You mentioned how much you wanted one," you whispered to him. "A flaming thistlation?" He asked in awe. You nodded and he hugged you like there was no tomorrow. You pulled his arms from around you and took a deep breath. "Thank you, Ezy! I love it!" He praised. "I'm glad. I'll see you later?" You asked. He nodded and you waved good-bye.
  4. You and the Golden Trio walked to Hagrid's hut. You saw Draco almost immediately surrounded by his cronies, as usual. They jeering and snickering as they looked towards the game keeper's house. "Come to watch the show?" He asked the four of you. You and Hermione felt something snap inside, your love for animals. The two of you walked forward and withdrew your wands. You pointed your directly at his torso while Hermione had a few choice words. "You fowl, evil, loathsome little cockroach!" She shouted as she pointed her wand at his face. You began to hear soothing music and you noticed the music note on your bracelet was buzzing. You paid little attention. "Hermione, Ezy no! He's not worth it," Ron told the two of you. You lowered your wand and turned around to leave. You swiftly turned back to the blond and kicked him in the stomach as Hermione punched him in the face. Crabbe and Goyle charged at you and you were ready. "Flipendo!" You pointed your wand at them and sent them spiraling backwards. You turned to Draco who had an appalled look on his face. You reached up to the necklace around your neck and yanked. It snapped and fell off into your hand. "Give it back to me when you learn that the death of the innocent is not funny," you told him venomously as you gave him the necklace. "Innocent?! The bloody chicken attacked me for no reason! I could've lost my arm," he defended. "No reason my arse! You provoked him! See ya around, Malfoy," with that you walked off as Draco ran into the castle. He was shouting something about mudbloods and his father. You rolled your brown eyes and continued to walk through the snow to Hagrid's hut. "That felt good," you and Hermione said in unison. "Good? That was brilliant!" Ron praised. You nodded and continued to walk.
  5. The four of you quickly arrived at Hagrid's hut and knocked on the door. Hagrid opened the door in a matter of seconds, but you were too occupied by the beautiful creature chained in the pumpkin patch to notice. "Ezy!" Harry brought you back to reality. You nodded and walked into the quaint cottage. "Was that Buckbeak?" You asked as Hagrid gave you some rock cakes. "Yea," Hagrid grunted. "I'm sorry he lost the appeal," you whispered. "How'd you know that?" The half giant asked. "I saw it in divination, I think I have to gift of sight," you answered sheepishly. Hagrid nodded and you had to ask. "When are they coming?" You asked. "In three hours," he said. "Then, might I meet him? Take him for a last ride?" You asked. Hagrid nodded and opened the back door for you. "Thanks, I know what to do. Am I allowed to unchain him?" You said as you walked toward the open door. Hagrid nodded and you now noticed that his face was streaked with tears. "This won't be his last ride," you whispered as you left the hut into the pumpkin patch. As soon as you shut the door Buckbeak's head turned toward you. He grunted in a way that sounded almost like a purring cat. You walked quickly over to him and stood in front of him. You tapped the paw print on your charm, hoping it would allow you to speak Hippogriff. It did. "Aren't you gorgeous!" You told him in his language. He perked up and stood from his depressed sitting position. He ran directly toward you and nudged you playfully. You laughed as he prodded you to his back. You undid his chains and sat on his back. "Take me wherever as long as we're back in two and a half hours," you told him. He nodded and took off. Buckbeak flew you everywhere in the grounds! He circled the castle, flew into the dark forest, dove into the black lake"”after you put yourselves into a bubble"”and he flew around the Quidditch pitch! In the time limit he touched back into the pumpkin patch with grace. You were exhilarated until you realized that Buckbeak was to be executed in a half an hour. You climbed off of him and stood to face him once more. You stared into his golden eyes and let the tears fall. You hugged the beast tightly and told him that all would be okay. He nipped your shoulder and you smiled brightly for it didn't hurt at all! The world around you spun and when all became clear the world seemed larger and there was no color! You walked over to the puddle a few pumpkins down and peered into it as to see your reflection. You saw a Hippogriff! 'Whoa! I'm a Hippogriff animagus!' You thought as you turned back into yourself. "Buckbeak, thank you. Everything will be alright, I promise," you told the creature. You heard footsteps and whirled around. You saw a man with a black robe and a green bowler hat, Cornelius Fudge! He was staring at you in awe. "Hello, Minister! Can I help you?" You greeted. "Yes, yes. How did you do that?" He answered. "Sir, I've done a lot of things in the past few minutes, could you be more descriptive?" You asked. "How- how did you turn into a Hippogriff?" He asked amazed. Darn it! You'd hoped he wouldn't talk about that! "I don't know, sir, Buckbeak and I were fooling around and it just happened," you left out the bite in hope that Buckbeak wouldn't be in more trouble. "Well, over the summer I will have to file you an animagus report. I'd advise you well Miss, if you'd keep your distance from this beast!" Fudge said. "Minister, if I may, Buckbeak's done nothing wrong!" You told him kindly. "He has attacked a young boy!" He argued. "He was provoked!" You retaliated. "Miss, be a good girl and head on back inside," Fudge told you. You rolled your brown eyes and turned to see the Golden Trio leaving. "Ron, you found Scabbers?" You greeted. He nodded. "I guess you owe SOMEONE an apology!" Hermione told him. "When I see Crookshanks, I'll let him know," Ron nodded. "I meant me!" Hermione's voice was strained as you walked up the hill. "Good-night, Buckbeak," you whispered as the executioner walked over to Buckbeak. Just as you had seen in Divination: the axe rose and fell slowly. Crows flew from the pumpkin patch and you fell to your knees.
  6. You cried for what seemed like hours! Harry crouched beside you and put an arm around you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and dug your face into his shoulder and sobbed. You calmed down after a few minutes and stood up. 'This is NOT a Happy Christmas!' You thought as you saw a black dog. "The Grim! Harry, run it's the grim!" Ron shouted panicked. You turned and came face to face with a large black dog with soul less brown eyes. You leaped aside as the dog ran forward. It jumped into the air and landed on Ron. The dog pulled Ron by his pant leg under the whomping willow! "Ron!" You shouted worriedly as you followed him. You made it about four yards away from the trunk of the willow before you were swatted backwards. You became your animagus and tried again. It failed. You became human once more and tried to find a way in with the help of Hermione and Harry. Hermione grabbed onto a branch as it swung at her! The tree swung her around for a moment before she grabbed Harry's hand who in turn grabbed yours. The three of you flew into the hole, landing on top of each other. "Sorry," you told Harry as Hermione apologized to you. Hermione backed up giving you room to do the same. You let Hermione go in front of you. You were trying to stall because you were terrified of what lied on the other end of the tunnel! Afraid of the unknown, your boggart, was true. "Ezy, are you okay?" Harry called to you. "Yeah, trying to face my boggart at the moment!" You called up as your legs nearly gave out. "You'll be okay! You're with us, we do stuff like this every year!" He joked. You nodded and crawled down the tunnel. You crawled for what seemed like days, but was only a few minutes. When you finally reached the other end Harry had already crawled out of the tunnel. Hermione after him and then you. You swallowed and climbed out of the hole. You saw an old, run down, filthy shack! "Ron!" Harry exclaimed. "Where's the dog?" You asked as you looked around, half expecting it to jump out at you. "H-h-he's the dog! Sirius Black! He's an animagus!" Ron stuttered and pointed a shaky finger toward a corner. You followed his gaze and saw a shaggy man with unkempt long black hair, brown eyes, a blue and white stripped uniform, and a mouth full of yellow teeth. He was laughing! "Black!" You shouted at the man. He nodded and smiled a kind one towards you. You had no clue why. Harry screamed and charged the man with his wand pointed toward Black's face. He knocked Black to the floor and was breathing heavily as he worked up enough courage to do as he wanted. The door burst open and in came the DADA teacher! "The appearance finally shows the madness within!" He said as he pulled Harry to his feet. "You know all about the madness within, don't you Remus?" Black smiled. Lupin held his scared hand the Black and pulled him to his feet and into a brotherly hug! "I trusted you! This whole time I've been covering for you! He's a werewolf!" Hermione shouted at him. "Miss Granger, I've not been helping Sirius come in and out of the castle. Will you please listen?" He answered.
  7. The two took turns explaining that Sirius never betrayed Harry's parents but someone named Peter Pettigrew had. Apparently, Pettigrew was Ron's rat! "Scabbers?! I'm not giving him to you, you'll hurt him!" Ron protested as Lupin asked for the rat. You were all for proving that Sirius hadn't betrayed Harry's parents so you walked over to your fallen friend. "Ron, give me the rat," you ordered. The two of you got into an argument about it until you shot Hermione an apologetic look. You knelt down beside the ginger and placed your hand on his hand. The hand that held Scabbers to be exact. Ron was shocked, but did not slacken his grip on his pet. You snogged him suddenly until he dropped the rat to have a free hand. He was about to pull you closer, but you grabbed the rat and pulled away forcefully. "Sorry, Ron," you told him and showed him the rat in your hand. "Now, this girl knows how to get what she wants!" Sirius said. You laughed at this and Scabbers writhed in your grip. "You stupid rat! Stop moving or I'll make it so you don't move again!" You threatened it. The rat squeaked and held still. The door burst open again! Snape! "Expelliaramus!" Every third year shouted, wand to the potion's master. He flew out of the doorway and slammed into the wall, unconscious! "We attacked a teacher!" Hermione said worriedly. "Calm it, Hermione! He'd have done much worse to us!" You assured her as you handed Lupin the rat. "Thank you, Miss Conners," Lupin told you as he took the 'rat'. "You know, Remus. She looks a lot like"”" Sirius started but was cut off by a threatening look from the professor. Lupin put the rat onto a table and waved his wand over it. The table broke and a plump man with balding red hair lay on the ruins. "Remus, Sirius! My old friends!" He said in his high voice. "Are you going to kill us like you did Lily and James?" Sirius pointed your wand at the man. "I was afraid! The Dark Lord would have killed me!" Pettigrew pleaded. "You should have died! Died rather than betray your friends! Die for them like they'd have done for you!" Sirius circled him. The squat man on the floor looked around desperately and his eyes landed on Harry. He crawled over to your friend and bowed at his feet. "Please dear boy, don't let them kill me! Your father wouldn't have"”" he started until Sirius cut him off. "Don't you dare speak to Harry! How dare you talk about James in front of him!" He shouted as he kicked the man away from his godson. Pettigrew crawled over to Ron now. "Oh sweet Ron, you can't let them kill me! I was a good pet I was your rat!" He groveled. Ron made a face and said disgustedly, "I let you sleep in my bed!" The man now sought freedom through Hermione. "Oh beautiful, clever girl, please help me!" He pleaded until Sirius shooed him away once more. He now crawled to you. "Sweet, gorgeous, cleaver girl! I can tell that you don't believe in the death of the innocent! Please help me out of this, I was afraid of death and instead led others to it! I was a victim of fear!" He whined as he gripped your ankles. You shook him off and said coldly, "You're a pathetic excuse for a Gryffindor!"
  8. Sirius and Lupin pulled Pettigrew into a standing position and were about to kill him when Harry stepped in. "Don't kill him!" Harry shouted and stood in front of the pathetic, whining man who curled himself into a fee-dal position. "Harry. This man deserves to die. He killed them," Sirius attempted reason. Your words from months earlier still haunted his mind, 'Harry...........I know you don't mean that. I mean, what would your parents say? As far as I've heard they were loyal, brave, and forgiving. How would they feel if their son murdered someone for revenge?' "I know he's a lowly rat, but I don't think my parents would appreciate their best friends becoming killers! Especially not for him," Harry said and turned to the pathetic lump in the floor. "Oh thank you!" He wheezed and gripped Harry's ankle. Harry, like you had, shook him off and said coldly, "This isn't for you. We'll take you to the castle and let the dementors have you!" Pettigrew went pale and slunk towards you. "I swear if you try to guilt trip me, I will personally hang you by your feet and drop you in the black lake after summoning the dementors!" You threatened. He whimpered and crawled to the farthest corner. "Sirius, could I have my wand back?" You asked the ragged man. He nodded and handed you your wand after examine the necklace around your neck. "'What's life without risk?' I used to say that. Where did you get it?" He said. "I got it in a coma. I think Lupin have it to me, actually," you explained, now realizing how loony you must have sounded. "Wait. That actually worked?" Lupin asked amazed. You nodded and explained that you'd also found a way to talk to Harry. "Why didn't you ever talk to us?" Ron asked offendedly. "I trust Harry with my life," you explained with a soft smile, "That doesn't happen much." "Oh, Ezy, if we take Pettigrew to the dementors you can't come with us! Remember what happened last time?" Hermione brought up. "True, but I can still hex him from afar," you gave Pettigrew a glare. You were really only trying to scare him so he wouldn't run. He whimpered and dug himself further into the corner. "Fernucula," you pointed your wand at Ron sending bandages to wrap around his broken leg. He thanked you as you helped the ginger to his feet. Ron and Lupin suspended Pettigrew between the two of them with the 'incarserous' charm. Lupin also suspended Snape like a puppet on invisible strings. You all walked out of the diminished room into the tunnel.
  9. Halfway down the tunnel something in you pocket rang. You pulled out the mirror and said answer. "What do you want Malfoy?" You asked as Hermione crawled around you. "Ezy, I'm sorry. It's my reputation," Draco feebly explained. "Hurry up, Sirius!" Harry ordered his godfather. "Sirius Black?" Draco asked. "No, he said seriously! Malfoy, I'll call you later when I have a better connection," you covered smoothly. "Where are you?" He asked skeptically. "Girls' dorm," you said calmly. "Then why don't you have connection?" He asked. "Mail rush over the tower," you lied calmly as you waved for your friends to keep going. "How is Harry in the girls' dorm?" He asked. "He isn't! He's down stairs! I'll explain later, bye!" You lied and hung up. You crawled quickly to catch up with your friends. You emerged from the tunnel minutes later to the cool night air. You climbed out from under the whomping willow and took a deep breath. The fresh air was a nice change from the stuffy, dusty room in the shrieking shack. "Professor!" Hermione screamed in warning as she stared at the sky. The full moon! Uh-oh. Lupin looked to the sky as the clouds parted and screamed in agony. Sirius rushed forward and tried to find reason with his friend. "Remus, your life is here! Right here in your heart! The man you are lies here, don't forget who you are!" Sirius pleaded as he gripped his friends tightly. Lupin screamed again as his nails were replaced with claws. He she'd his clothes and became a full-blown werewolf! Hermione gasped and staggered backwards, taking Ron down with her. Pettigrew grabbed Lupin's deserted wand and became a rat again. He ran off and Harry attempted to chase him. Although, Snape regained consciousness and stopped him. His arm was keeping Hermione, you, Ron, and Harry from doing anything! You saw Sirius become his animagus and attack the werewolf for an animal cannot be harmed by a werewolf. Lupin knocked Sirius over the cliff and knocked Snape down as well, in turn knocking the four of you to the ground. You slunk out from under the professor and tapped the paw print charm. "Professor? Professor Lupin?" You asked in his current language. Lupin rushed forward and slashed you across the face! Luckily, you'd had enough sense to become your animagus before that so you wouldn't become a werewolf. Lupin turned to Harry who running to Sirius. Lupin sprinted after the third year and was 'this' close to him before there was a howl. The howl distracted Lupin and he howled as well. After he howled Lupin ran after the noise giving you time it run after Harry"”in human form once again.
  10. By the time you reached your friend there was a swarm of dementors around him and Sirius! Harry was attempting a spell and was and was failing miserably. You pushed every happy memory down into yourself and ran toward him in the bank of the black lake. "What's the spell?" You asked him urgently. "Expecto patronum. You have to think of the happiest memory you can!" He answered. You brushed your red hair from your face and pulled your wand from your dress pocket. You focused on your happiest memory. It was a dream for you didn't have many truly happy memories. In the dream you were reunited with your parents, although you could never see their faces. They were blurs in all honesty for you had no knowledge of anything about either of them! "Expecto Patronum!" You shouted to no prevail. You summoned every happy memory from inside yourself and combined them. You tried again, "Expecto Patronum!" A silvery whisp came from your wand tip and repelled three dementors! You happiness failed you and you were unconscious in a matter of moments. You felt an emptiness inside of you for a few moments, as though your soul had left you forever! The feeling subsided after a moment and you awoke with a start. You saw a silver stag crossing the lake and repelling every dementor in sight. The apparition vanished once it was within arms reach. Harry passed out next to you as you slunk into unconsciousness as well.
  11. You awoke a half hour later to white washed walls. The hospital wing! You moaned and looked to your left and right. You saw Harry to your left and Hermione and Ron to your right. They were all awake as well. You slowly sat up just as you had on the day you reemerged from your coma. Dumbledore entered the hospital wing a moment later. "Professor! Sirius is innocent!" I said immediately. "He was framed!" Hermione added. "What has happened?" Dumbledore asked. Ron, for once, answered, "It was Scabbers, sir! My rat. Well, he isn't really a rat. He was a rat and"”" Hermione cut him off, "The point is, we know the truth!" "I believe you, however I don't think the word of four, young, buoyant teenagers will persuade many others," the old headmaster said with a twinkle in his blue eyes. Your face fell considerably. Dumbledore said, "However, time is a strange thing, isn't it Miss Granger? I'm going to lock this door and I believe that three turns ought to do it. Remember, you must not be seen!" With that he left with a swirl of his purple cloak and there was a click on the other side of the door. "What does he want us to do?" Harry asked, utterly confused. "Time-turner," you breathed, inaudibly to anyone but you. Hermione pulled her time-turner from her sweater and put the chain around the three of you. "Sorry, Ron, but seeing as you can't walk," she apologized as she flipped the second ring thrice. The world went in reverse for twenty seconds and stopped. "7:30! We were going to Hagrid's!" You exclaimed as you looked at the clock. "What?" Harry asked impatiently. Hermione pulled Harry and you followed close behind, taking extra care to not be seen. Hermione pulled him to the door from the Entrance Hall beside of the small set of stairs. "This is a time-turner! It's how I've gotten to all my classes!" Hermione explained as she tucked the necklace into her sweater once more. "There we are," you nudged Harry and pointed toward the hill. "You foul, evil, loathsome little cockroach!" Hermione pointed her wand at him. "Hermione, Ezy no! He's not worth it," Ron told your past selves. You lowered your wand and turned around to leave. You swiftly turned back to the blond and kicked him in the stomach as Hermione punched him in the face. Crabbe and Goyle charged at you and you were ready. "Flipendo!" You pointed your wand at them and sent them spiraling backwards. You reached up to the necklace around your neck and yanked. "Give it back to me when you learn that the death of the innocent is not funny," you told him venomously as you gave him the necklace. "Innocent?! The bloody chicken attacked me for no reason! I could've lost my arm," he defended. "No reason my arse! You provoked him! See ya around, Malfoy," with that you walked off as Draco ran into the castle. You saw the entire scenario once again and ducked behind the wall as the Slytherins retreated toward the castle. The three of you slunk towards the hill as your past selves walked down it. "I feel bad about that," you admitted as much to yourself as the others. "Why?" Harry asked you. "I think it's because he admitted he fancies me. Even though I feel that what he said about Buckbeak was extremely uncalled for, I can't help but regret that," you said ashamed. "He'll forgive you, Ezy. Although, I have no clue why you want him to," Harry said. You nodded as you watched your past selves walk into Hagrid's hut. "Okay, we have two minutes before I decide to come out and talk to Buckbeak. Then we fly around for two hours and the minister shows up a half an hour later," you explained. "Then let's just go take him!" Harry started down the hill. "No! They have to see him first or they'll think Hagrid set him free," Hermione explained. "My big mouth gets me into trouble again!" You sighed and sat down in the snow. "What?" Hermione asked. "I may have went off on the Minister about how unfair Buckbeak's execution is," you sighed and buried your head in your knees. "So, if we take him, they'll know it was us?" Harry clarified. "No, they'll know it was me, but I've got a plan," you answered as you stood up. "What is it?" Hermione asked. "If I told you, you wouldn't let me do it. The Minister! Hide," you answered and pushed your friends into the Dark Forest. You saw yourself become a Hippogriff and talk to the Minister. You saw your row once more and were dismissed as Harry, Ron, and Hermione left the hut.
  12. "Let me get him," you told Harry and Hermione. They nodded and you walked over to the Hippogriff. Buckbeak jumped up and nudged you again. You laughed and examined the chains around his leg before unraveling them. You led Buckbeak into the forest and left him with Harry and Hermione. "See you guys later," you said and became your animagus. "Ezy, what are you doing?!" Harry asked worriedly. You became human and said, "I told you you wouldn't like it. They need to kill a Hippogriff or all three of us go to Azkaban and Buckbeak gets the axe as well. Besides, they can't kill me while I'm an animagus," the last part was a lie. You left the Dark Forest before they could answer. You wrapped the chain around your own leg and became your animagus. You laid down as a Hippogriff and waited for the executioner and the Minister. The Minister, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Malfoy Sr., and the executioner left the hut and stood in front of you. You gulped as Hagrid began to tear up and Dumbledore winked at you. Did he know that you had planned to sacrifice yourself for Buckbeak and Sirius? You hoped not. The executioner pulled his black mask over his face and sharpened his axe. You whimpered and tried to pull back, just as you knew an actual animal would do in this situation. "'E don' like it!" Hagrid protested. "Of course he doesn't Hagrid! What beast in their right mind would be calm in this situation?" Fudge chuckled. You huffed and whined. Malfoy whipped you in the haunches and you nearly attacked him. Instead you just whined and reared your front legs. You laid back down as the executioner raised his axe. You closed your eyes as you heard the axe split the air. The axe fell and the last thing you saw was Dumbledore giving you a sad smile before the world went black.
  13. "I can't believe Esmerelda just did that!" Hermione was in tears as she saw the axe drop. Harry was on his knees and in tears as he nodded. "She said that they couldn't kill her as an animagus," Harry attempted. "Harry, you and I both know that she was lying!" Hermione sobbed. "Ezy wouldn't want us to stay here and mope, she'd want us to finish what the three of us started! Let's go help Sirius," Harry said and shakily stood up. Hermione nodded and choked back the tears. Even Buckbeak had been crying! The two Gryffindors led Buckbeak to the grounds after the Minister left and jumped on his back. They rode Buckbeak to the North Tower and dismounted as soon as his claws scraped the roof. "B-B-Bombarda!" Hermione pointed her wand at the wall. The wall blasted away leaving a gaping whole in which Sirius was visible. "Thanks! Where's that one girl?" He said as he mounted Buckbeak. "Let's just say she might join the headless hunt," Harry said and climbed on behind of his godfather. "What?" Sirius asked. "She took Buckbeak's execution. I'd rather not talk about it," Hermione said as she climbed on as well. Sirius nodded and instructed Buckbeak to fly off to the ground. Buckbeak touched the ground a moment later and Hermione climbed off instantly while Harry did so rather reluctantly. "Now, hurry they'll come looking for me," Sirius instructed. "But I want to come with you!" Harry had sincerity in his sad green eyes. "I know! And you've done beautifully, but now is not the time," Sirius said and hugged his godson. Harry nodded and waved at the ragged man. Sirius waved, called Hermione the brightest witch of her age, and flew off with Buckbeak. "Let's go!" Hermione ordered as she dragged Harry to the hospital wing.
  14. "We did it, Professor!" Hermione said as she saw the headmaster leaving the hospital wing. "Good work, Miss Granger! Don't worry about your friend, she'll be fine," Dumbledore answered. Hermione and Harry nodded, stunned that he knew you were dead, and entered the hospital wing. "Where's Ezy?" Ron asked immediately. "We may have a new Hogwarts ghost around soon," Harry broke down. "What the bloody h*** happened? Ezy's dead?" Ron shouted. "Yeah. She took Buckbeak from his fate and took it on herself. Worst Christmas ever!" Hermione broke down as well. Ron began to cry as well. He finally choked back his tears long enough to say, "You may want to tell Malfoy. He was looking for her a moment ago," Ron explained. "She had said she wanted to apologize for earlier," Hermione explained. "I'll do it," Harry said and stood up. Everyone knew he was the best choice for it: Hermione would get insult after insult if she went and Ron couldn't walk. Harry left the Hospital Wing to the Great Hall where there was a feast at the moment. Harry pulled your mirror from his pocket, you'd dropped it in the snow, and said, "Draco." Harry grimaced at having to address Malfoy by first name and waited until he answered. Draco excused himself from the hall and hid behind a suit of armor before answering. "Ezy?" He asked. "Nope," Harry answered. "Why do you have Ezy's mirror?" Draco asked appalled. "I need to talk you. Like now! You and I both know I wouldn't ask unless it concerned both of us," Harry answered. "Okay, I'll meet you at the Quidditch pitch," Draco said and hung up. Harry pocketed the mirror and went directly toward the Quidditch pitch. Draco was already waiting for him! "Alright, Potter, what did you need to tell me?" Draco asked with his bad-boy attitude at its peak. "Ezy. She won't be coming back," Harry said sadly. "What the h*** did you do to her?" Draco said and pinned Harry against the goal posts. "Nothing! I tried to stop her! What you did to Buckbeak sent her over the edge!" Harry wheezed. "She killed herself because of a bloody chicken?!" Draco said as he released Harry from the goal post. Harry nodded sadly. "Well, thanks, Potter. Means a lot for you to tell me," Draco dropped his tough guy image for a moment. "No insults, no hexes, curses or jinxes?" Harry asked. Draco shook his head. "Are you okay?" Harry asked. "Yeah, I'm fine Potter," Draco said with a wave of his hand. Inside he was dying!
  15. How was this? I took a leap of faith on this and I hope it paid off! Like? Hate? Improvements? The usuals! I might be able to get up one last edition of each series before break, if not, don't hate me! Bye! Happy Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanza or whatever you celebrate!

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