Could you babysit?

Welcome to my quiz. If you don't know me i'm happypuppy or on my other account i'm called HP_is_me. So I made this quiz to level up again. Um Well begin! Good luck.

Dude I'm outside because I make all my quizs outside and it's freaking burning up. I wish to be cool indoors. Anyways this quiz is about babysitting so go for it.

Created by: happypuppy
  1. Ok so your babysitting 3 kids. 1 kid is Emma who is 6, she has blonde hair and blue eyes. 2 kid is katie, she is 9 and looks like a older Emma. Last is Haley who is 11 and has green eyes, brown short hair.
  2. You look at a list. It says Emma needs a bath. You?
  3. The bath water is running, so you go sit down on the couch. When you go back in there Emma is throwing water and soap on the floor. You?
  4. The floor is clean now, so now it's time to wash her. You clean her and all that and now your done. You go in there and find Katie and Haley fighting over a toy. You?
  5. It's dinnertime! What do you cook?
  6. The kids are all full. Yay! Emma goes plays in her room. Katie gos and plays on the labtop in haleys room. Haley want's you to do something with her so you?
  7. Katie tells you shes going to go draw a picture of you. After 15 minutes you go check on her and theres cranyon all up the walls. You?
  8. Choose?
  9. Did you like the quiz?
  10. Bye :3

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