I'm so mad

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Thread Topic: I'm so mad

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    happypuppy Senior
    so, my family got paid today because it's the first. They always have a lot of money left over after bills and such.
    however, we do come from a vv poor household. most of the time if you want something nice, you save up and by it yourself.
    if you don't know, I'm a minor. I have a job but I have only been working for a short amount of time.
    I get home today, hoping for groceries in the house and I was like "where's the food?". My family simply replies with "oh I was thinking and after gas, I won't have enough money". AJKSKSKSK That's not true unless they plan on spending a hundred dollars on gas.
    You see, what my guardian is doing is waiting for my check so I have to be the one who provides.
    And you may be thinking, oh Em, just buy some food, don't be stingy. I don't have any problem with providing. The problem is I'm a Minor who works 29 hours a week to give my whole entire paycheck to my guardian because he thinks he doesn't have to provide anything anymore. I haven't been able to buy anything I want with my last four checks because I have to provide for a guardian when it's supposed to be vice versa. Then, when he does provide, he complains abt it.
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    Sniperlazy Junior
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    f u laze
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    That’s actually sick.
    Maybe point this fact out , I don’t know if that would help.
    If he still refuses to you know, do what he’s supposed to do, buy only for yourself.
    Nothing for him.
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    5AM Experienced
    ?????? bruh???????????
    can you leave the house? do you have another family member you can go to instead?

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