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  • Shout outs Part 2
    [published: Jul 13, 2020, 5 comments]

    This is the shout outs Part 2 that I decided to go through with, since I had more peeps. This one is much…

  • Shout out quiz!
    [published: Jul 10, 2020, 6 comments]

    So, I decided to make a shout out quiz because I saw one or two people talk about making one, I thought hey why…

  • Are you fit to be my supporter if I was mod?
    [published: May 23, 2020]

    I think i would be fit to be mod. After all I’m very supportive of trump- actually…

  • Test on Wrestling moves
    [published: Mar 13, 2019]

    this is a test on wrestling moves. wrestling is a fun sport and its really competitive at the same time…

  • Reckoning and Numbers eval
    [published: Aug 16, 2018, 2 comments]

    It’s important for everyone to be knowledgable on reckoning and numbers of all sorts, and with the…

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  • Q&A
    "Drek ur bi? Thought you were straight as a ruler"
  • The
    "Cat scratched right above my scar from the last cat bite. Thank jesus"
  • Uncertain Title.
    ""The last five years have taught me that love is fleeting" Brother, I agree. It comes, goes, and usually doesnt return. The ones that "
  • The
  • The
    "He started playing jazz and thats when I knew to go away. Cant tell if hes p---- or actually calm"
  • The
    "New official thread because I dont care about quality. Todays topic is: Me and my pop's mini fights sure pack a punch. Funny as hell. I hope..."
  • "No need maine"
  • So
    "Dude Rip"
  • The
    "Duck+Canary = Bird = Tweety aha, Tweety is a bird"
  • Made a collage/wallpaper
    "Will attempt"
  • The
    "Apparently theyr a canary"
  • Made a collage/wallpaper
    "Pastel isnt my strong suit but I can try. Any specifics you want on it?"
  • "Yea nerve/muscle spasms. Fatigue has been crazy. You get them sometimes?"
  • "Ask me to make any themed collage/wallpaper and I will do it (doesnt mean it will be great). I enjoy this hobby sometimes when I've got time..."
  • "Well originally I was intrigued by the twitching but now its the dessert pics"

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