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  • Shout outs Part 2
    [published: Jul 13, 2020, 4 comments]

    This is the shout outs Part 2 that I decided to go through with, since I had more peeps. This one is much…

  • Shout out quiz!
    [published: Jul 10, 2020, 6 comments]

    So, I decided to make a shout out quiz because I saw one or two people talk about making one, I thought hey why…

  • Are you fit to be my supporter if I was mod?
    [published: May 23, 2020]

    I think i would be fit to be mod. After all I’m very supportive of trump- actually…

  • How well do u know me
    [published: Jun 22, 2019, 1 comment]

    Welcome to how well do u know me quiz!!!! yes!! heres the rules1. use a computer or smart phone2. dont use…

  • Test on Wrestling moves
    [published: Mar 13, 2019]

    this is a test on wrestling moves. wrestling is a fun sport and its really competitive at the same time…

  • Reckoning and Numbers eval
    [published: Aug 16, 2018, 2 comments]

    It’s important for everyone to be knowledgable on reckoning and numbers of all sorts, and with the…

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  • Whiskey hotel
    "Thanks. Now that i look at it, u may be right jaja"
  • Execute the Homos
    "Did u touch metal?"
  • Whiskey hotel
    "I can break apart recreate the foundation"
  • Whiskey hotel
    "Whats the use huh???? Just sitting around pretending everythings dandy is gonna flip the switch and change everything? Can ppl open t"
  • Whiskey hotel
    "The rich are getting richer alright....... Everythings whacked up Lifes slap in the face, if it ever happened, is happening now"
  • Whiskey hotel
    "All these poor people, why did they have to suffer? And I cant help em"
  • Whiskey hotel
    "Its my fault bruh"
  • The firing range.
    "Yea it got more active ever since I returned"
  • Execute the Homos
  • "Thanks , made my day"
  • Relevant
  • Whiskey hotel
    "Could always be worse... a meteor could hit us both right now"
  • Whiskey hotel
    "Eeeeehhhhhhh...... alive, thats for sure"
  • Whiskey hotel
    "How are u bro?"
  • Whiskey hotel
    "Ill try it tomorrow morning bro. Also, dude I have no idea what was in my drink earlier, but I still drank it"

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