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It’s important for everyone to be knowledgable on reckoning and numbers of all sorts, and with the rise of small attention spans, it is increasingly important day by day.

I need to evaluate you, based on digits and formulas, but also terms and definitions, rules, or generalities. Answer the following questions. Each question contains Multiple choice answers that add a little trickiness to the evaluation. Good luck!

Created by: The Actual Boss
  1. What is true of CPI-U and CPI-W?
  2. Appeal to Ignorance rules that:
  3. In continuous compounding, describe the relationship between # compoundings/yr and APY.
  4. In terms of standard scores, how can you best describe the nth percentile?
  5. How many coordinates are needed to dictate the point on a plane as opposed to a line?
  6. Division of HoR seats between U.S states in cases that involve averages of seats:
  7. In installment loan calculations, what is the function of ‘nper’?
  8. The general equation for a bond’s current yield is as follows:
  9. (100- P)% means:
  10. Related to Pythagorean Theorem:
  11. In real life problems as opposed to in vitro, X=
  12. What is true of DOUBLINGS in cases of exponential growth?

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