Should you support Mei for mod?

I have personally labored for years, spending countless hours and millions of dollars from my own pocket to complete the research to make this quiz possible for you.

This quiz will take your answers and meticulously calculate them to find your results. The questions have been carefully chosen to see every aspect of your personality that may impact who you would support for mod. Enjoy!

Created by: Acrimony
  1. Do you actively use the forums?
  2. Do you think the existing mods are sufficient?
  3. Do you want GTQ to improve?
  4. Do you know Drekkza?
  5. Do you like Drekkza?
  6. Do you think that Drekkza is corrupt?
  7. Do you think that Drekkza wants to scam Americans into overpaying him?
  8. Did you know that Drekkza supports slavery? (He wont let me free please help.)
  9. Do you want Drekkza to not be a moderator?
  10. Were you satisfied with Drekkza's quiz?
  11. Do you think that Drekkza rigged his own quiz?
  12. Do you think Drekkza would do a good job as mod?
  13. Do you think Drekkza deserves to be a mod?
  14. Do you know Mei?
  15. Do you like Mei?
  16. Do you want somebody like Mei who you can look up to and trust that they are not corrupt?
  17. Are you intelligent enough to accept that the results of this quiz are 100% accurate and scientifically proven?

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Quiz topic: Should I support Mei for mod?