Shout outs Part 2

This is the shout outs Part 2 that I decided to go through with, since I had more peeps. This one is much shorter cuz I dunno its just really short but that also means its less boring

If youre not on here, once again i just used the peeps who volunteered, and if Im really patient and nice I would do ANOTHER shout outs quiz but I'm slightly tired from it

Created by: The Actual Boss
  1. SprinkledSpice: Dont think we have talked yet really. Im pretty sure you're one of the newbies. I like your name it's very christmasy
  2. breadboy69: Yo bread, you're that bread guy right? The bread man who likes bread. Youre pretty cool, though sometimes I kinda have to step away, your bread game so strong man. Thats a good thing
  3. Acrimony: We kinda always get along except when I'm being annoying, Ill try to keep my brain inside my head. Also youre pretty cool to talk to, and funny AF. Last of Us is a damn good game I hope youve gotten around playing it. To be frank its not the best game in the world the zombies are OP
  4. Sniperlazy: Dude we hated eachother at first, no seriously it might have been close to legit hate but now you're my bro, I enjoy playing PNW with you and we have lots things in common even politics sometimes. I used to like makin you mad on purpose. I respect u too much for that now (kiinnnddaa). Also, we both like FREEDOM. Wishing u Good luck with your vet job
  5. BlackTealLaser: If Im not wrong you are a multi, and I think its Ripper? I dont think we've talked yet here, so unfortunately i have no huge thing to say. But damn this username is fire
  6. No more peeps
  7. Filler information
  8. U like jazz?
  9. Did you know that everyone will get 100%?
  10. Thanks for coming here today. The exit is on ur left

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