Rise of the Guardian: Part 3

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Hey guys! So..... I know this one is a little short, but I swear the next one should be a little longer. Maybe I'll do it in the villains view soon, we'll just have to see.

Shout-outs: I'd like to thank Houndlover, for not only reading and commenting on my series, but for also being super sweet and adding me (*gasp* yes! Me!) in her AMAZING story! (read it or I'll knock you out.) I'd like to thank Ericat, for being so, so supportive. And last, but definitely not least, I'd like to thank Weirdhead, for.... Everything.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. Love is like an ocean. You slowly dip your toe into the water, jumping out as the cold waves make contact with your skin, but you slowly go back, compelled by the way it makes you feel. In awe of its beauty, you continue to float out, until the water reaches the tip of your nose, and you feel as if you're drowning. I've heard this before, and I never really believed it until now.
  2. ***Zach***The corners of her plump lips gently tugged downward as everyone stared at her in disgust, tears lining her crystal eyes. " Leave her alone. She's old enough to decide what she wants." I hissed, wrapping my arms around her waist protectively, rocking her thin body back and forth to show I cared. " She can't be with you. It won't work. Once she turns eighteen, she has to pick me or Daemon." Grayson stated cooley, his greyish eyes flicking over to me as he gave a fiery glare.
  3. ***Angelica***Safe in his warm embrace, I bit the corner of my lip, trying so hard to hold back the waterfall of tears that were streaming down my cheeks, but failed miserably. " You can't make her choose! Besides, you're such a pervert. Acting like you're her brother for so long, and now trying to marry her? That's sick." Zach shouted, a fiery Flame glowing in his honey eyes, his jaws clenching as Grayson approached us.
  4. " Angelica, speak." he demanded, his soft index finger going under my chin, tilting it up tauntingly. " I... I don't have anything to say. If you can't accept the fact I'm with Zach, then go back to Heaven and kiss your little girlfriend, Charlene, was it? Oh... No, I think it was Rachel... Or Catherine.... Mighta been Tessa." " I already told you, Angelica! You're the only girl for me!"
  5. Kneeling down on one knee, he took my hand in his, his bright eyes like lanterns as he stared deeply into my eyes. " You are the light of my life, Angelica. You are the sun, the only girl able to make me fall in love with her each and every day. I want you, I want us. Angelica, would you do me the honor of being my wife?"
  6. ***Daemon***He.... He didn't just ask her that, did he? He knows good and well that she's mine too. Besides, she has a boyfriend. Her icy cold eyes overflowed with tears, her eyes wide open as she stared in shock. " I.... I don't know what to say...." she stammered. " Say yes."
  7. ***Angelica***" Say yes." he whispered back to me. My heart began to flutter as I burst into tears of joy and sorrow at the same time, confused and scared. Deep down, I had feelings for him. I love them all, I really do.... What do I do? " I.... I'm... I mean...."
  8. " Angelica, come on." Zach growled deeply, taking my hands from Grayson and dragging me into his bedroom with a frown. " Angel, be honest with me. Were you going to say yes?" " Zach... Of course not. I'm with you, silly." I whispered into his ear, his face softening as he gave an understanding nod, pulling me into his embrace, soft yet desperate and tight. " I love you, Angelica." " I love you more."
  9. Mere words can not express how enthusiastic I was to be in his arms, to be so close..... Just to have him. It was amazing. " Wanna binge watch the rest of Spongebob Squarepants?" he asked me, his golden eyes full of love as I gave a small smile. " Of course."
  10. ***Lucifer***" Wanna know a little secret that might motivate you a little?" Rebecca asked, a glint in her eyes as I gave a small shrug. " I sense her in a room, with a guy.... Her boyfriend, Zach. They're...." " Enough! I've heard enough!" I roared, my eyes full of flames as I glowered down at her, a thin smirk across her face. " All I was going to say is she's dating him and Grayson just proposed to her tonight." she yawned casually, giggling as my face began to grow crimson red. " She's mine. All mine."
  11. *** Derrek***" Amanda?" " Yeah?" " I thought you said your brother was dead. Lucifer?" I said, her thin brows furrowing as she gave a nod in confusion. " Yeah, he is. " " Am I sister?" a chilly voice asked, her dark eyes widening as she looked to her left, the Devil standing right beside her. " Speaking of the Devil...." she laughed stiffly, his red eyes staring in disgust, quickly flicking over to me in rage.
  12. ***Lucifer***" Derrek." I hissed, gliding past Amanda with a smirk on my face. " Lucifer. I can... I can explain." " Explain that you left me to die? I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my twin. Rebecca, come here." I called out, Rebecca flouncing over with a flirty grin across her face as she spotted Derrek. " Hey, sugar. Long time no see, huh?" she said, kneeling close to him with a sugary giggle. " Rebecca? Ugh. " he sighed, a small laugh escaping my throat. " Shut up!" she shrieked, the once peaceful environment now set ablaze, flames licking the side of my face as she glared angrily at us.
  13. *** Angelica***My head gently resting upon his chest, I smiled softly as his beating heart began to lull me to sleep, my eyes drooping slowly. Open.... Shut.... Open.... Shut. " Go to sleep, Angelica. You look tired." he whispered into my ear, his breath smelling like Lucky Charms. With a little giggle, I gave a small nod, allowing my eyes to finally shut.
  14. ***Zach***Her gentle breaths warmed my heart as she rested her head across my chest, her lovely golden tresses tangling in my hands as I played with the ends of her hair. So proud to have her next to me, I passed my lips against her delicate jawline, giving a small smile. " Night, Gelly Cat. I love you."
  15. ***Amanda***Golden flames licked the corners of my cheeks as Rebecca glowered down angrily at the guys, her anger increasing as they smirked. " Witchy-poo, calm down. You'll burn your hair extensions." I teased, her glare now on me. " You little.... " she hissed, meandering over with a frown on her face, her heels clicking against each other as she halted to a stop. Delicately sliding her finger across my jawline, she gave a triumphant grin as my body slowly heated up.
  16. ***Lucifer***Rebecca gave a vile smirk as she slid her finger across Amanda's face, backing up with a triumphant look. I stared in horror as Amanda's skin slowly began to desinigrate, wild flames engulfing her body. " No!" I yelped, running over to her, near tears, as her body disappeared, in her place a pile of ashes. " You killed my sister! You killed our sister!" I roared, taking hold of Rebeccas pencil-thin neck, tightening my grip as tears rolled down my cheeks.
  17. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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