The Guardians Farewell: Louis

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Hey guys! Okay, so, this part is what will happen if you choose Louis. I hope you all enjoy it, and have fun lol. Also, help me come up with cute baby names for the other stories. ( I need at least one for each guy, castiel included )

Just so you know, the guys get to choose from are : Zach, Castiel, Blaze, Daemon, Evian, Lucifer ( hey, why not lol) and of course, Louis. So... Yeah lol

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***Louis***Honestly, I felt awful. This was all my fault. If I hadn't have been so hard on him, he'd still be alive and happily married to Angelica. But no, I had to tell my stupid opinion, and poor Angelica has to suffer because of me.
  2. ***Angelica***After Graysons funeral that afternoon, I took a small trip back to the cabin we had once stayed in once upon a time ago. But that was when life was different. When Grayson used to let me interact with the other guys -- before he got so possessive of me. The chilly wind blew across my face, tears burning my eyes as I spotted Graysons old jacket laying out in the woods. So that's where he put it --i thought, a sniff coming from behind me.
  3. " Louis?" I whispered, spotting him gently tucked away in a bush, tears dripping down his chin as he held a picture in his hand. "Angelica? Wh-what are you doing here?" he mumbled, tucking the picture into his pocket with wide eyes. " I could ask you the same thing."
  4. " I miss him. It's my fault." I sighed softly, a shiver leaving my mouth as I took a seat beside him, hugging my knees in my arms. " I miss him too. But... What do you mean? I thought it was my fault." " If I had married him, he'd still be here. Before he left the building, he overheard me admit I wasn't sure how I felt about him. He -- he said he never wanted to see me again and then.... He died." I sniffed, his eyes wide open as he gave a shocked nod. " I honestly thought it was my fault." he whispered into his palms, which he had covering his mouth.
  5. " Why?" I asked, sitting up curiously, watching him shift nervously. " I told him I didn't think he deserved you and that -- I... I didn't want you to be stuck with him, because I liked you. I regret saying it, but I couldn't help it."he admitted, blushing as I flicked my eyes in his direction. " Really? You really liked me?" " Yeah. I still do. I know you --" " I like you too, Louis."
  6. " You do? I mean.... Angelica, would you be my girlfriend?" he croaked, tears in his eyes as I gave a vigorous nod. " Yes, Louis, yes." I whispered breathly, pressing my lips against his, sparks flying as we kissed passionately.
  7. ***TWO MONTHS LATER***" Here we go again." Maple sighed, playing with the veil that draped over my face, her violet eyes rolling as I stuck out my tongue. " Hey, be nice." Abigail warned, tightening my corset, yet again. " You look great, as usual!" Christie grinned, playing with the wedding ring on her finger. " You all are too nice. If only Maddie could be here." I sighed softly, looking at my appearance in the mirror. I looked better than I had the last time. Louis had insisted I wear no makeup, saying my beauty shouldn't be covered by a mask.
  8. " Hey, she chose to not come, it's not your fault. Just enjoy your day. You only live once and all!" Christie encouraged me, a smile lighting up her face as I gave a small smile. " You're right!" I giggled softly, giving myself one last look before leaving the dressing room.
  9. ***Louis***" You're so lucky, dude." Zach smiled, helping me adjust my tie to the right angle, an obvious jealousy in his golden eyes as I gave a nod. " Yeah. Don't worry, she wanted to let you know she enjoyed your time together. Don't let her know I told you that, though." I smiled, his eyes lining with tears as he gave a nod. " She's too nice." " Yeah." I smiled, him and the others following me to the church.
  10. ***TWO HOURS LATER******Angelica***We drunkenly danced beneath the moonlight, the stars above dancing with us merrily. " Angelica?" he whispered into my ear as we swayed back and forth, his hands placed on my lower waist as we continued to dance. " Yes, Louis?" " I'm so happy you chose me." he whispered, pressing his lips against mine. " Aww!" the audience cheered, our faces red as we continued to kiss.
  11. ***FOUR YEARS LATER***" Louis... I need to tell you something." I sighed, placing a hand on his chest, his green eyes wide as he glanced down at my stomach, an obvious bump there. " You're --" " I'm pregnant." I whispered, his shock melting away to joy as he spun me around excitedly, planting a kiss on my cheek. " I'm going to be a father!" he hollered excitedly, a giggle escaping my throat as he did a cartwheel.
  12. ***Nine months later***" What are you going to name her?" the doctor questioned as he looked down at the beautiful baby girl cradled in my arms. I shifted my eyes up to Louis, who gave me a small smile before nodding. " Ava Grayson Castillo." I whispered, pressing my lips against her head, her giggle echoing throughout the room.
  13. Life continues on, and each day of my life, I spent with my loving husband, Louis, and my angelic daughter, Ava, who reminded me so much of Grayson. She grew up to be a sweet, loving girl with a strong will and a smart mind, not to mention she had a wonderful godmother, Maple.
  14. Louis and I now sit above in Heaven, looking down on Ava, who had a great life, with a great husband, Jeremy. He too, reminded me of someone. Zach. He was a good boy, who lost his life in the war. Ava was heartbroken, but was so proud of her husband -- the whole country was.
  15. ***THE END***

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