The Guardians Farewell

Hey guys, so, just so you know, these next few parts will just be like, whoever you choose to love. Spoiler alert you CANT like Grayson, even though you two are supposed to get married.

I'd like to dedicate this whole entire series, to the three nicest GTQ users I've met: Houndlover (HL) , WeirdHead, and Ericat. Thanks a ton for supporting me and my series, you all seriously are too sweet!

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. *** Nine months Later***I delicately wrapped a strand of my silky strawberry blonde hair up into the veil, my eyes heavily caked in eyeshadow and a palette of different shades of eyeliner. " You look so pretty, Angelica!" Abigail gushed, helping me lace the back of my white gown, the back dipped into a corset. " You think so? I feel like I'm a stuffed sausage." I chuckled softly, a vast majority of my laughter sounding nervous. " Ditz, you look great. Trust me, the boy loves you so much, he wouldn't care how ugly you look." Maple said, only worrying me more.
  2. " Maple!" Abigail screeched, jerking the string on my corset a bit too tightly. " I'm just kidding, jeez! She looks like a pretty princess, happy?" " Very. Go kiss your prince charming and leave us be if you can't be nice." Abigail said, Maples cheeks flushing as I gave a hard glare. Sure, I'd agreed to marry Grayson, but a part of me still liked Castiel. He WAS my first crush after all -- not to mention my first kiss. Twirling a strand of her turquoise hair, she adjusted the small strings to her lilac dress with a smirk.
  3. " Do you think I am doing the right thing?" I questioned aloud, Abigails eyes popping wide open as she stared in confusion. " Angelica! How could you ask that?!" Christie asked me from across the room, her curly blonde hair placed into a topsy-turvy, pulled together with a red rose in her hair. " I'm just nervous, is all." I lied. Truth be told, I don't think I'm really in love. It's just nerves, I think. His kisses only seemed to affect him, never me. I felt, honestly, my heart belonged to ----
  4. " Angelica! I know my brother broke your heart, but that doesn't mean you can hurt Grayson. He loves you so much!" Maddie sighed, taking my hands in hers, rubbing my knuckles with a frown. " You're right. It's just nerves. I'll be fine." I smiled tightly, their eyes flooding with relief as I continued to paint my nails a light turquoise.
  5. ***Grayson***Relief flooded over me as Daemon stepped into the room with a small smile. He hadn't talked to me since I'd proposed to Angelica, and it sorta scared me. I knew he and Angelica had been pretty close, just like the others. But to be honest, I was more worried about Louis, Zach and Blaze. They'd agreed to help with the wedding, but I could tell they really wanted to stay away from me. I didn't blame them. Honestly, I wanted to stay away from myself.
  6. " Grayson, are you sure you want to marry her? Once you do this.... You know that she has to kill you, right?" Castiel asked, adjusting the rose he had pinned onto my suit, his eyes full of terror -- for me, of course. " I know, but it's the only way to be with her and you know that."
  7. " How is she going to feel about that though?" Daemon asked, arching his brow as he ran a comb through the tips of his hair, giving himself a flirty grin in the mirror. " Yeah.... I don't know. I'm honestly a little worried. Plus, she went and invited D. J. And stuff. I dunno how this will work." I sighed, watching the guys adjust my tie with indecisive looks. " I still can't believe she did that." Daemon agreed. " Well, she's nice like that. She was just trying to help." Evian sighed.
  8. " You're right, but did she have to invite Lucifer, Derrek, and Amanda's spirits here? They're evil, not to mention totally against us being together." I growled, Blaze giving a small shrug. Truth be told, I don't think he was completely over her. I don't think any of them were. Heck, I couldn't blame them. She's a beautiful desert flower to me, and the only thing keeping me sane right now. " She doesn't love you. She never will." Louis hissed, his green eyes narrowing as he tossed a vase across the room in an act of rage. " Louis, just... " " No! You don't deserve her! You just want her for her power and beauty, not for her true self! "
  9. " Louis, I know you like her, heck, we all do, let's be honest. But it's his wedding day, don't torture him. I'm sure he'll treat her fine." Zach soothed him, putting an arm across his shoulders, but I could tell he was just as mad as Louis. " Grayson! It's almost time!" Maddie's shrill voice called out, my heart racing immediately. " You look great." Castiel assured me, tossing an arm around me with a smirk.
  10. ***Angelica***I watched as the people around me gave broad smiles as I carefully strolled by, even Lucifer and Derrek. Honestly, I still wasn't sure how I felt, especially after seeing Grayson with a look of pure pleasure on his face. Walking down the aisle, I came to an abrupt stop, my body turned to face Grayson as the minister did his thing. "I do." I heard Grayson say, his blue eyes full of love, mine full of fear.
  11. " Do you, Angelica, take --" " I... I can't!" I cried, tears rolling down my cheeks as I took off across the aisle, running back into my dressing room. I couldn't do this, not yet. I can't marry him. I don't love him like that, I just... Don't. " Angelica! Angelica, let me in!" a voice called out, my heart freezing as I opened the door. Lucifer.
  12. My eyes wide in terror, he gently placed his ice cold hand against my face, my eyes wandering up to his. " I'm not going to hurt you, Angelica. I just came to check on you." he explained, my heart racing as I pulled him closer, wrapping him into a tight embrace. Tears dripping down my face, he gave a small sigh as he rocked me in his arms. " I'm here for you."
  13. " T-thanks, Lucifer." I sniffed, his warm breath tickling my neck as he gave a small breathy laugh. " You didn't love him, did you?" he said in a knowing tone. He could sense my hatred for Grayson. " No. He's a great guy... Just -" " Just not for you. Angelica, I know I was awful to you, really, I was. And I can't take back any of the awful things I did to you, no matter how much I want to. Just know I love you tons, and want only the best for you." he sighed, letting go of me.
  14. " It's fine. I like you a lot too. I forgive you, Lucifer." I smiled, a feminine cough breaking up our conversation. " Oh my gosh! Angelica, are you okay!? You just left and Graysons so -- why's Lucifer in here?" Christie asked, her blue eyes narrowing as Lucifer gave a sneer. " I'm fine, Christie. I just..." " She doesn't like him." Lucifer explained, her eyes widening as Grayson entered the room.
  15. " You... You don't like me, Angelica?" he muttered sadly, a tear dribbling down his cheek as I shook my head, tears rolling down quickly. " I'm sorry, Grayson. I thought I knew what I wanted, but I don't think I can keep faking this love." I croaked, crumpling into a ball on the floor, Lucifer and Christie rushing over to me, hugging me tightly. " I get it. What's done is done. You broke my heart, Angelica. I hope to never see you again." he hissed, storming out without a goodbye.
  16. ***Maple***She honestly made the best decision, in my eyes. After she'd ran out, Castiel took me aside and explained everything, about how she'd have to kill him for their bonds to be completed linked. He also mentioned how she'd need to give him get powers. All of them. It would kill her, and Louis believed that he only loved her for her powers. I tried my best to comfort her, but she was a mess.
  17. ***A month later******Angelica***He died. Grayson died. In a way, it broke my heart, knowing it was all my fault. After he'd stormed out, he'd taken off in a car, and had gotten a hold of a beer. He -- he crashed into a tree, and it was all my fault. If only I'd married him. As I sat down at his funeral, I could feel the tension between me and Castiel. I had killed his best friend, and it tore me to pieces.
  18. Was this it for me? Was I meant to be alone? Whatever the case, I had grown closer to Lucifer recently. We'd chat over dinner -- in Heaven, believe it or not. No, he hadn't made it there, he was a drifter. A free spirit. I'd meet him there, and we'd enjoy each others company, reminiscing about our pasts. As for the others.... Christie ended up getting married to Wiley, Maddie married the guy from the magazine, Maple ended up staying with Castiel awhile before he needed his space, and Abigail -- she ended up with a friend of hers, Micheal.
  19. As for me, I was still on the lookout for my prince charming.***CLIFFHANGER***

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