The Guardians Farewell: Daemon

Hey guys. So, this one is definitely going to be one of those sad ones, so if you're sensitive, like me, grab a tissue. And if you're not, grab a chisel and start breaking the stone and ice away from your heart. XD

So, we're nearing the end, sadly. I only have two more parts of this to make before it comes to an end. I just wanna tell you all a very long thanks. ttttthhhhhhaaaannnnkkkksss. Ok, I'm happy now.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. I gave a tight smile as I crawled out of the funeral home filled with guilt. Why had I ever told him I didn't like him? He was a great guy and didn't deserve what I put him through. Oh how I miss Grayson.
  2. As I contemplated my horrid decision, I began to feel I was no longer walking alone. I quickly spun around on my heel, Daemons head hitting mine. " I'm sorry!" I cried out, rubbing the fresh bump on my forehead as he gave a cute smile. " No, I should apologize. I'm the one who hurt you, I'm sorry." he apologized, tilting my head back so he could examine the bump better.
  3. " Looks like it shouldn't swell too bad, but you should still put some ice on it." he suggested, taking my hand in his as he walked me over to his red convertible car, motioning for me to sit in the passenger seat. With a small shrug, I hopped inside, my eyes stinging as I glanced around curiously.
  4. *** Two hours later ***" Angelica." he laughed drunkenly, tears of joy flooding his eyes as I looked up at him curiously, his red eyes so full of love it scared me. " I've missed you so much. I love you." he choked out, blushing fiercely as I took his hand in mine. " Daemon, I love you too."
  5. Without a second thought, we both leaned forward, our lips connecting gently as we kissed in sync. " Angelica... Would you be my girlfriend?" he breathed out huskily, his voice sending a chill up my spine as I searched his face curiously. " Yes." I whispered, leaning back in and kissing him passionately.
  6. *** A Year Later ***" Angelica Winters, do you take this man --" the priest started, my eyes wandering over to Daemon who stood in front of me, his lips quickly captivating my full attention. " I do." I murmured, pressing my lips against his, holding him tightly before we walked out feeling ready to conquer the world. Daemon and I had decided, to avoid conflict, we'd elope. Honestly, I was upset I couldn't have my friends with me, but I'm happy now.
  7. " Angelica, I'm so happy you're here with me. I never want to let you go." Daemon whispered into my ear once we got to his apartment. " Oh? I was going to bake a cake, but oh well..." I teased, his eyes widening as he immediately released me. " Maybe you should go make that cake and then come back."
  8. *** A month Later ***Daemon and I had decided to move off to Canada, and decided it was best if we didn't have children, since we were always traveling. As much as I loved the guy, it upset me to see all of the happy couples out there with children, when I knew I couldn't have one.
  9. *** A year later ***" Angelica? Angelica, why are you crying?" Daemon asked, spotting me crumpled in the bed, sobbing bitterly. I nervously looked up at him, my eyes red and puffy as I finally met his gaze. " I-I'm pr-pregnant. I-I'm s-sorry! I kn-know you d-don't want k-kid's." I sniffled, tears dripping down my face as he took a seat by me. " I think I changed my mind, Angelica." he whispered into my hair, my heart skipping a beat as I looked up into his eyes, seeing them soften. " I love you so much." I sighed softly.
  10. *** Nine months Later ***I gently cradled my baby in my arms, her hazel eyes looking up at me curiously as I smiled down at her. " So, what are you going to name her?" the doctor asked, his eyes full of excitement as I gave a small smile. " Danielle Reese Conner's." I smiled, Daemon giving a small chuckle at the baby's enthusiasm.
  11. *** Five Years Later ***My eyes tiredly landed on Daemon, his eyes gently closing as he slipped out of consciousness, the monitor beeping excitedly. " Noooo! Daemon, babe! No, no, no!" I wailed, collapsing over his hospital bed, the nurses trying to pry me off, but I wouldn't budge. I looked over at his lifeless body, wondering why it happened to him. Why did he have to die so young?
  12. *** A month later ***As I began to raise my daughter on my own, life got tough and I began to lose a grip on my sanity. The officials decided it be best if they took Danielle to an orphanage and get me some help from a therapist. Although I knew it was the best thing for both of us, it killed me to lose my daughter, the only thing I had left to remember Daemon.
  13. *** A week later ***" Hello, Angelica ... Winters? Angelica Winters? That's a lovely name. It's nice to meet you, I'm Gage Lucas -- I mean Lucas Gage. So, tell me about your self a little -- I mean a little about yourself." Lucas blushed, fumbling over his words as he tried to be professional. As much as I hated to admit it, I think I'm going to enjoy therapy. " Well, there's not much to tell. I lost my fiance in a collision and my husband died of cancer. My daughter, Danielle, was taken to an orphanage -- and I've been informed that I'm crazy. So tell me, do you think I'm crazy?"
  14. " No, I don't think you are crazy. I find you to be quite sane for all that you've been through." he smiled, my cheeks warming up as he looked into my eyes. " It hurts. Losing everything." I mumbled, invisible tears rolling down my cheeks as I was pulled into his tight embrace, feeling more than comfortable. " I'm sure it does. I've never lost anything -- except for my bunny when I was four." he said, a giggle escaping my throat as he gave a cute smile. " I'm sorry for your loss." " Don't be. That bunny was pure evil. He bit my lip." he laughed.
  15. *** Twelve years later ***" Can you believe it? I met you at work and here we are, happy and married. I love you so much, Angelica." Lucas cooed into my ear as we spun around the house, doing our impression of the waltz. " I love you too, Lucas. You've done so much for me, and even though I lost so much, being with you makes me feel like I gained the whole world."
  16. *** Thirty years later ***Lucas and I lived long, happy lifes, and although we never had children together, we were still completely happy. We both ended up dying of old age, and met up in Heaven, happy to see that my daughter, Danielle, was still down on earth, alive and well. She had two children and a wonderful husband, and the best thing was -- she told him she was glad I had been her mom, even though she was taken away from me.
  17. *** The End ***

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