Jungle Explorers: Part Six

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I know I shoulda had this out yesterday, but I didn't. Also, I'm gonna cut the series short: probably only seven parts instead of ten. Very sorry to all my fans.

Now, please go read. And if you're sensitive to deaths, go grab a tissue. (You: Wait, who's dying? Me: You'll seeee!) Sorry. Had to do that. Anyway, sorry for the deaths... now go read.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. **Maple** Hearing the girls tell me to stop, I do. The guy I was just kicking chuckles. "That's the first time a girl's hurt me that much," he states. Abigail laughs, a little sadly. "Are you alright?" she asks. "Yeah," he says, going over and kissing Abigail. Blech. Franklin pales. We all turn and see Victoria. "H-how did you--?" I ask. "The police couldn't hold me, and neither can you!" "No!" Franklin yells. "I'm tired of you. You will never hurt Abigail or any of the others!"
  2. **Franklin** There's fire in my eyes. I can feel it. Just as Victoria is about to slice Abigail with her knife, I swing my self in front, pushing the knife back at Victoria. It wounds her badly, and we all know she won't make it. "You won't get away with this!" she snarls, stabbing me. I fall to my knees.
  3. **Abigail** "No!" I shriek. I fall next to him. "Franklin, I'm sorry... I didn't want you to get hurt because of me. I-I love you. But as a friend." "That's enough-- to make me leave this world happy. I loved you.. even when I saw--- Maple. I-I love you," he struggles to say. (Me: Pause the story! ghettobabe4ever, I just realized that you said you... had a weird thing with deaths. Sorry.) Before I think, I swoop down and kiss him. He kisses back, then his breath leaves him. "No," I whisper.
  4. **Michael** Xavier reaches into his backpack and pulls out a sheet. Victoria's gone. Hadley and Carly are sobbing. Abigail is still sitting there crying. Serpent Love, Maple, and Daemon are comforting us all, and Xavier and I are standing there trying not to cry.
  5. **Carly** If the king of the Pegasus horses wasn't missing (read Houndlover's Story of My Life to understand) I'd call him to fix this. Hadley, me, and Abigail all talk about him while Maple listens. Serpent Love and Daemon are talking, and Xavier and Michael are talking. Suddenly we hear a rustling in the bushes.
  7. Announcements: Michael has been chosen for Abigail. Xavier will get Carly. And ******* (yes I purposely **'d that out) will get Hadley.
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