Jungle Explorers: Part One (Only for girls.)

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First, I'd like to thank ghettobabe4ever once again, but this time because she gave me some names and because of her awesome series. Also izme, who's read some of my stories. Lastly, I'd like to thank Ericat for writing Second Love.

Okay, now for what's going on here. Three students from Queenbay Highschool (Abigail's school) and three students from Richarroad Highschool have been asked to stay in the jungle for a month, trying to get to the finish line first. Abigail, Carly and Hadley are from Queenbay and are leaving today, with their teacher and Abigail's boyfriend Charlie to watch them depart.

Created by: Weirdhead
  1. *Abigail's POV* "We've got everything. Should we leave now?" Carly asks. "Yes, girls. Head out now," Mrs. Velasquez tells us. I run over to Charlie and give him a hug. "Oh, Charlie. I need you. I promise I'll return to you as soon as this whole thing is over." There are tears in his eyes as well. "Abigail, no matter what happens to you, I love you." I walk away, looking back at Charlie. "Um, earth to Abigail. Come in, Abigail." Hadley calls. "You're kinda in charge of the map!" "Oh. Sorry guys. But this trip is gonna be hard. And..." "Ooh... someone's in loooovvve!" Carly sings. "Stop it! And yes, I am in love. I need Charlie."
  2. *Hadley's POV* It was hard seeng her like this, but when we volunteered, she was the first to put her name down. We can't be blamed, okay? But still.. "Hadley, now YOU'RE spacing out," Abigail teased. "Who's spacing out? Not me." "Riiight." Carly rolls her eyes. *Rustle* we hear in the bushes. "Wh-what was that?" Carly asks. "Probably a rabbit," Abigail reassures. "But r-rabbit's don't have v-voices!" I screech.
  3. *Abigail's POV* With both girls freaking out, it's hard to make out the voices. But I think I hear, "If we wanna win, we've can't get lost. Now stop talking and find us, Franklin." "Oh!" I squeal. "It's the opposing team." "Who said that?" I hear. "I did." Three boys emerge from the foliage. "Oh," I giggle lightly. One of the boys whistles as he sees me and I blush. What? They're cute. I can't help it. Carly shoots me a "What about Charlie?" look. I blush deeper. "Um, I'm Abigail Finch, and these are my friends. Carly Hapford and her twin, Hadley Hapford." "A pleasure," they all say, looking at me. I blush even deeper than I was. "I-I believe that we're all in the jungle exploration contest?" "That's right," the tallest one says. The boy next to him rolls his eyes. "What Michael MEANS to say is, 'Yes. And I'm Michael Nadinma, this one next to me is Franklin Sportswain, and that other one--'" Here the other boy (Not Michael, the other one.) rolled his eyes. "'is Xavier Ventez.'" "Oh," I smile. "A pleasure for us, I'm sure." Then I giggle again.
  4. *Michael* I knew a girl like that had to be taken, but I was going to take a chance. "Ahem. Uh, right. Anyway, since Franklin isn't doing such a good job with the map, I'll take it. And... um, which of you is in charge of your map?" Just as I was hoping, the gorgeous girl said she was. "Uh, then would you consider... I mean, can we go somewhere to examine the map together?" "Of course!" she exclaimed, then giggled. I grinned. She led me to a space overlooking a valley, and the others couldn't see us. Perfect. As we sit down and look at the maps together...
  5. *Abigail's POV* He suddenly leaned in and kissed me. Forgetting Charlie, the girls, and the other boys, I kissed back. "Oh.." I breathed. I suddenly remembered that Charlie had never kissed me. Michael wrapped me in his embrace and kissed me more passionately.
  6. *Carly's POV* "What's taking so long?" I asked as I looked at my watch. "Knowing Michael, probably flirting," Xavier chuckled. Suddenly he looked at me and I blushed. "Oh. I see," I say.
  7. Franklin rolls his eyes at me. I just keep thinking about Xavier. I almost die. We see Michael coming back. At first I don't see Abigail, but then I see that she's laying boneless in his arms, eyes closed. "What happened!?!" I shriek, running down the hill.
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