A Guinea Pig's Moment: Part Three

I'd like to thank ghettobabe4ever for her support, and tell her how much she has inspired me with her stories. (Which, by the way, are awesome) ghettobabe4ever, thank you so much.

Also, anyone else who reads either of my series, THANK YOU!! You are wonderful, and I'm very glad you read them. Hope you enjoy this specially written one! Also, your old mate has just cheated on you and you're running away into the desert.

Created by: Weirdhead
  1. "I... can't.. go…. on!!!!" you cry. You faint onto the ground and cry. Why did he have to do that? Why did he turn his back, why did he leave you for her?? You loved him... couldn't he see that? "He could," you hear a voice say. "That's why he left. If you had hated him, he would have stayed." You turn around and see the most gorgeous sow you've ever beheld in your life. (No, you don't like her. I'm not THAT weird. It's just that she's beautiful.) "Wh-who are you?" you gasp, breath taken. "I am Felandi. Or, in your language Fortune. Another name you give me is Fate. I not only decide what happens to you, but see and understand all these actions of those who hate. Do you remember way back, when Samson warned you about Harold, who he claimed was a player?" "I-I think so," you state. "Good. He wasn't warning about Harold. Though he didn't know it, he was warning about your last mate. Your mate wants all girls to love him, so when he found out you loved him, he left you so another girl would love him. I didn't decide this, his mother was Fate before me, and therefore gave him powers to decide his own fate. There is nothing I can do." "Agh!" you yell, disgusted.
  2. "I NEEDED him," you sob. "I almost died for him!" (At one point you risked your life to save him from robbers.) "Child, had you loved him less he would've stayed with you. One thing I will tell you is that you will end up happy again." Then she disappears with a burst of sparkle, leaving you alone to sob. "Fortune! Fate! Wait, come back!" But she doesn't. She leaves you there. You crawl, seeing what looks like water in the distance. After a little while, you see it's a town. "Oh. Why did I come this way! I came to be away from civilization, not to interact with them more." But with your lungs burstingly dry, you hardly care for more than water. "Excuse me," you say in a hoarse voice to a kindly looking sow. "May I have some water?" "Yes," she says and pours you some. "Drink up." You do, quite happily. "My dear girl, come with me. You must stay with me until your health is renewed."
  3. In a comfortable house, you sip some tea and tell this woman your story. Starting with the first day you met Samson. (Remember him from the first story?) "Oh, child. Your life is at stake. You are worth much more than these men think. They will kill you if you return, for sure. Please, stay in this town. You may not find love, but you will be happy." "I will stay," you say and clasp her hands in yours. "If I may serve you and live with you." "Yes, child. You may," her voice seems to be ringing with joy, her face seventy-five years younger than her body. "Daughter, I have been wanting a good daughter. I will adopt you if you will be my daughter." "I will." That night, you sob for the sadness of losing your old life, and cry for the joy of finding a happier new life. "Darling." Mother Hubbard, which was what she asked you to call her since Hubbard was her last name, (ghettobabe4ever, that was for you if you're familiar with the Old Mother Hubbard nursery rhyme) stole up behind you. "Darling. I know this must be hard. But please, please understand that I will love you to the rest of my days as a daughter. If you hadn't come, I-I wouldn't even be here still, with no reason left to…
  4. The next morning, you wake up refreshed. You hear Mother Hubbard (I'm gonna call her Mother H, Hubbard is too long.) calling you down to waffles. (Ooh. Waffles. I didn't have breakfast this morning so now I'm hungry.) "Good morning," you cheer when you arrive downstairs. "No, child. LOVELY morning." "Oh... yes. Lovely morning to you as well." "Now eat before it grows cold." After you're done eating, you waltz out side to a gorgeous and busy morning. You stop inside a yummy smelling bakery. "Hello! May I have a loaf of sourdough bread, two loafs of buttermilk bread, and one loaf of potato bread?" "Of course. Here you are," says the sweet-as-the-smell-of-her-shop baker. "And you must be new here. I've never seen you before. Besides, you're not quite as happy-looking as any of the other members of our community." "Well, it's a long story, but basically I'm Sarah Hubbard's adopted daughter." "Oh! You are fortunate. She's the sweetest woman around here." "Well, yes, she is incredibly kind." "Here's your bread."
  5. "Oh, what a lovely surprise. These are such delicious breads. You are a dear girl." "Well, she's a dear baker." "Yes, yes. Polly, go down to the cellar and fetch me some carrots. I wish to show you something." You grab the carrots and come back up. "Winds of the north, turn us golden. Show our true form to the youngest maiden." chants Mother H. She turns into--- Fortune? "Fortune!" you cry. "You didn't desert me!" "No, child. I left you, so I could come here to have everything ready for you. I knew you were a wonderful girl, so I chose you to be my daughter and turn into the next Fate, just as your mate's mother did me. I must watch you a while longer, though, to see if you deserve to be Fate, a sugar-plum tree, or a queen."
  6. Mother H watched you a little longer and decided what you will be. It will be announced in a moment. But listen, this is different from the other two because your result will tell you what you became, not who you fell in love with.
  7. Are you ready?
  8. For sure?
  9. Here we go!
  10. Click "Submit Answers" and learn who you became.

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