The One Love Part 1

In this love series your a rocker girl named Sara living in a small town in the middle of Texas. Your life was pretty normal, but right after the day you turn sixteen, the strangest of events happen. Since you were a little girl, youve wondered who would be "that one love" and now, cause of the many surprises that acure the day after you turn sixteen, you wonder if you might have found that special guy out of three.

Hope this plays with your emotions abit,plz comment and enjoy, ill make some more so stay tuned. - its the same name but with part 2 plz rate and comment once again! P.S. cut me some slack it was my first quiz.

Created by: Sophia
  1. It was a stormy evening in Cydersville, Texas. A now renewed 16-year old... You were prepared for yet another unpredictable school day. Packing your books and laptop, a cute little blue piece of cunstruction paper flutters to the floor from your bookbag. Bending down, you grab the letter anxiously and unfold it. "Sarah, do you wonna go out?" Your eyebrows furrow, then suddenly you get extremly excited. You race to the kitchen and grab out some cereal and milk. Breakfast prepared, you shove each sugary bite into your mouth. Right on the last bite, your elbow tips the bowl and milk spills all over your outfit! Rushing to your room, you grab the cutest outfit you can find amoung the unstoppable mess inside your wardrobe. You pick out.....
  2. Confident in your new outfit, you say goodbye to your family and rush to school. Your just heading to your locker when a "Bite me," Tee blocked your way. Looking up you see an extremely handsome face. He had black hair and soulful gray eyes, and perfect white teeth that made your morning special. "Hi, my names Marcus. I hear your names Sara, I`ve been wanting to meet you for a while now." He did that wonderful hairflip that you like so much, and calmly touched your elbow. You stay there, speechless, and then slowly fumble out some words.......
  3. Right after, 2 other hotties came along. "Oh and these are my friends, Casper and Lucas." He frowned. Casper was extremely pale, with crisp blonde hair and light green eyes, and Lucas was tanned, with Justin Bieber styled hair and sky blues eyes. "Nice to meet you, Sara right?" Lucas grasped your hand, then kissed it politely. You found yourself blushing, you hoped he didn't see your un-did nails. Then, Casper tugged him away and leaned in close on you, you found yourself lost in his eyes completly. "Casper, and you are the well-known Sara." He smirked, then backed away, still gazing in your eyes. Well-known?? He must have the wrong Sara if he thinks im that popular. You backed away slightly, and wiped some sweat from your lip. "Guys! Seriously, your freaking her out." He glared at them as if the slapped him across the face. Feeling a wierd coldness come across you, you feel the urge to run away. Following your instincts, you.....
  4. You decide to stay, Marcus seemed to be somewhat protecting you. Casper was the first to speak up. He stood taller then before, his eyes now so dark it almost seemed black. He stood so close to Marcus`s face in such a menacing way, he seemed as if he were going to explode at any moment. "Don`t make me..." his eyes trailed off to to YOU. Lucas came up from behind and gave Casper a warning glance, "Don`t you dare...." You look around, nobody was in the halls, not even a snobbish teacher to give you detention. You suddenly felt very, very cold. Shivering, you quickly say, "Umm guys I should really get going." Nodding Marcus said, "Yes, we should all be going." Casper took your hand in his and pulled you outside. He trapped you against the building, the brick hurt. Leaning in once again, his stare made you limp. He slowley pressed his soft lips against yours, you kissed back, tongue on tongue, and boy could he kiss! You become nervous, since your not as experienced as him. Letting go of the kiss, he released your arms and played with your hair. You feel a strong emotional pang inside of you, but all ended when Lucas appeared at your side. "Get away from her Casper, its too dangerous for her. Marcus also came outside, you can feel the heat of jealousy around him. He looked at your arms, and you did too, the bricks left outlines on her arms. You blush. Lucas, glared at Casper and Marcus, then he handed you a beautiful ruby necklace, his blue eyes peircing your flesh.
  5. Marcus not soon after said, "This should keep you safe, I would`nt be able to live if anything happened to you." You shiver, which caused Lucas to quickly put his jacket over your shoulders. "Thanks," you say, smiling. He smiled back. All you could hear was the birds chirping and you huddled inside the leather some more. Casper grabbed the necklace in your hands, and in a second had it on you, he whispered in your ear, "It looks great on you." All at once, the necklace glowed amazingly, then faded. It mesmerized you, and you seemed to be in a deep trance, forgetting what you should be suspicous about. When you finally got your head out of Lala land, you quickly questioned them. "Protect me from what!?! And we need to get to class my mom will KILL me, and, and, and WHY ARE YOU GUYS JUST NOW APPEARING MY LIFE, A-" You were cut off by all of them shouting, "ENOUGH!" but not in a way of scolding, more like regretful speaking. You hush, surprised by the outburst. Maybe you shouldn`t have came on so fast? Then Marcus broke the silence, "Sara, we are dangerous. We knew you ALL your life but you never knew, and we all love you more than any other creature in our lifetime."
  6. He looked at you thoughtfully, then smiled perfect white fangs. Wow, thats SOO normal. Turning your head, a tear finds its way down your cheek. This is all happening so fast, you can hardly remember how you guys met. Your eyes trail to them, but they were already gone. Wiping the annoying tears from you cheeks, you head off to the only place where you could really think, the Emerald Creek. Avoiding prickly thistles and dodging some sneaky racers, you soon arrive deep in the forest at the sound of clear water trickling down smooth stones. Bending down over the edge, you stick two fingers in the icey water, then bring the drops up to your mouth. Tasting the coolness of the best drinking water in the world, you smile to yourself. Then, just as you were getting ready to go home and retreat to your room. You pause, you thought you heard a whisper. Goosebumps trailed over your arms, and you just sat there, paralysed and afraid to turn around. A small crow landed to your side, and you look away, you've heard too many stories about crows.But yet you've always been intrigued with the gracefullness and beauty of animals. Your chocolate stands of hair block your side veiws now, and you can only see the creek, horribly morbid heaving is heard beside you, close, too close to NOT be almost peeing yourself. You turn around.....
  7. You scream. There, covered in ashes, was the most hideous woman you have ever seen. She had no eyes, and bloody gray skin. Sharklike teeth formed a crooked smile, and one of her missing finger hands reached towards you. Cringing at the mutilated female, you stumble back on your feet. Backing away slowly, that cute little blue peice of paper fell out of your pocket. The creature glanced at it instantly, the stared at YOU, Turning away, you notice three familiar faces. Your tempature rises in glee. But wait, they look different, each had fiery purple eyes, and their hair grew long and black, fists clenched, the glared at the hideous witch before you.
  8. You get so distracted you trip over a stone, falling in the ice-cold water. It was so much deeper than what you imagined. Splashing over the surface, you gasp for air and scream helplessly. Just as Lucas reached his hand out for you as the others battled the wrenched creature. Then, something pulls you down, you struggle and try to make your way to the top, but the force pulled you down effortlessly. You couldn't breathe, you throat hurt and your blood boiled. You look to your right and see the witch's body, beheaded. The first to try to force you up was Marcus, then Lucas, then Casper. You hear their shouts and can feel their desperation, something jabs in your side now. You look and see a huge amount of blood spilled out. Closing your eyes slowly, while ignoring the screams of "NO!" You let go, and soon everything turns black....
  9. CLIFFHANGER, dude i know its rlly annoying, but you should have excpected it.
  10. Plz comment and tell me if you have any suggestions or adjustmeents 2 make. ill gladly accept them.

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