Love and Suprises!? part 16

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Hello and Welcome to the latest installment of Love and Surprises!? The surprise unveiling of the person your parents thought to bring along is in this part too. Will you take on your sister? Or feel crushed under the pressure? Find out in my series.. Love and Surprises!?

Thanks to everyone who takes this series,i a sorry that i am not getting these out as quickly as i used to,but im still trying my best so please do understand that. In other news my quiz.. The Liam Payne Quiz is now featured...please do take it!

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Recap:Read parts 1-15.For a recap.
  2. It was... Liam. You smiled widely. "liam!" You said. And ran up and hugged him. Liam smiled "i told you i wasnt gone forever." He said. Harry came up and said Hi to him too. They did a weird man hug and chatted a bit.
  3. You ran up and hugged your parents,you looked deep into there eyes and you could feel your eyes saying thank you,without your lips even moving.You then turned and came face to face with Liam. You blushed,you were both really close,an inch closer and you wouldve kissed,accidentaly. You looked at him and hugged him tightly. He hugged you back.. "Dont ever die again!" You said. he nodded solemnly and held you in his arms... "im sorry,but if thats what it ll take to protect you i ll do it gladly. You remember what i said before,right?" He asked. You thought back, he said he loved you. "Yes.I remember. Im sorry Liam,but im with Niall. I cant return your feelings.maybe someday." You said. Liam gave a sad laugh,"Love,i wont give up on you. I ll be waiting for you forever. I knew you would say what you did,it only makes me admire you more. Not everyone can refuse Liam Payne!" He said with a small laugh. You laughed a bit. "its good to have you back,Liam." You said.
  4. "ahem." Harry cleared his throat. "At first,I thought we could never save everyone,but now, looking at both of you,i feel stronger, we can do this!" You said. "So whats the plan?" Asked Liam. You turned red.. "um...well...i was thinking...but i couldnt think of anything..." You said.
  5. Liam,you and Harry talked and decided on a secret plan. You looked at your parents... "we cannot interfere honey, its against the laws of the elders." They said together. "I know. Im just glad i got to meet you." You said.
  6. The plan.... you aree the bait... you take on Tori. And liam and Harry do the rest. She cannot focus her energy on two things at once. the first step was to set up a meeting...
  7. So you wrote a letter.... Dear dear Sister, I trust you have been treating my friends well. If not then i aresay that mommy and daddy are quite upset with you. You see they always kept hoping you would turn out good,but you never did. They stopped by today to talk to me,there favorite child. We chatted and had a splendid time,bonding. I told them about our current little argument. They said i can do what i want even if that means killing you. As a sister i would have appreciated a friendly "hello,im your sister." before trying to murer me and take my friends. In any case, i hope you accept my challenge,never mind i dont hope for you to do anything ill see you at a rendezvous to be decided on shortly... on my terms. You ve had your "fun" and now its my turn. Katherine G. West You looked at the paper and felt satisfied it would anger her. So you snapped your fingers and it was sent to your horrible sibling..tori.
  8. You sat there and spoke out loud your thoughts .. "some siblings are sweet,others love you,but dont show it, i,i get the evil sibling who wants to make me pay." You mumbled. Liam and Harry walked into your room. "Its okay Katy. your probably not the only one in the world with a jealous sister." Said Harry. Liam nodded in agreement. "You sent it right?" Said Liam. "yeah." You said.
  9. You went and hugged both of them. "Thank you for everything you guys. You have been amazing and the best friends a girl could ever wish to have." You said. They squeeze hugged you back. "I ... Cant ... Breathe." You managed to get out. They loosened there grip and you all started to giggle softly. "All we need now are makeovers. We cant battle evil,dressed as normal teenagers." You said.
  10. You changes into a tight black t shirt and pants. With a belt that held some small assorted weapons. You looked like the girl from the underworld movies... except prettier. Liam wore a camoflouge outfit adn some intersting shoes. harry looked like he had picked the same clothes as Liam. "Are yo both sure,you can move in those?" You asked. "Yeah." They both said.
  11. You went out on the balcony as you saw the sun rise. You knew there was hope.. and you were just that.. hope. You knew it would be hard to face your sister.. but you were ready. "what now?" Asked Harry. "We wait." You replied.

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