Who's your future love? part 2

Here's part 2 hope Ya Luv it!!!!!!!! Eric Jayden Mike or Alex!!!!!!!

Did you like part one?? well you will looooovvvveeeeee part 2!!!!!!!!

Created by: Staryie128
  1. They finally look at you and the smartie says "My name is Eric this is Mike (muscles), Jayden (punk), and Alex (worried cutie)."
  2. Jayden says "We are here to help you get home we saw what happened sortta". What whoa wow?! You look at Mike he sighs and says "Your special we don't know how we just know". Alex butts in "And they went to go see if the lab was open to help you and I waited for you to wake up. While Mike watched to see if it was safe he's mega strong".
  3. You act tough and say "Sure ok" to make him mad.
  4. Mike looks at you frusterated and says "Fallow me to safety". You run after him and the others go the oposite way. The alone time makes you happy yet mad but you dont no which one is more.
  5. The next thing you know your at a hotel, a golden hotel.
  6. You head up to the room with your name and lay down on the bed. Then black...........
  7. You dream of all the boys chained against the wall but each in a different way Mike upsidedown, Alex arms and legs chained and apart, Eric chained as if he was tied up, Jayden chained around his neck with a plateform under him.
  8. Someone comes out from the darkness and then he pulls out a remote. He puts his thumb on the button "NOOOOOO PLEASE DON'T THEY'RE MY FRIENDS" you scream. he moves his thumb and comes towards you. You try to run but your handcuffed on your ankels and hands (no dur). He breths down your face and you want to scream but you can't.
  9. He moves you closer to his lips. Then he starts to pucker up. Instead of kissing you bite his lips then you taste blood. He screams in agonny. You take a bobby pin from your hair and unlock yourself. He rips out the remote from his jacket and pushes the button. Mike is released to his doom, Alex is being ripped apart, Eric is geting strangeled, and Jayden gets hung.
  10. Whoever you said you tried to save well your to late you break down on the floor cring. Then you wake up sweating and panting and you see burnt peices of wall and floor everywhaere and blood.
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA another cliffhanger hahahahahahaha I just love cliffhangers!!!!! Luv Ya oh and plz commet!!!

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Quiz topic: Who's my future love? part 2