Who's your future love?

Punk, Smartie, Muscles, or Worried cut who's yours? take this quiz to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who do you love this quiz knows all?!

Created by: Staryie128
  1. It's a dark and stormy night and you are just sitting at home watching TV. You're enjoying the peace and quiet, but then you realize, it's way to quiet you look up from the couch and don't hear your brother in the other room. You decide to get up and go see if he's ok. You open the door...
  2. There's blood everywhere at least it looks like blood. You see your brother nocked out on his bed, you grab his bat and look in the closet nothing. Then you hear a noise, you turn around to see no brother. Then you're attacked at the legs by your brother. "STOP IT" you scream in anger. "I'm a zombie hehehehehehe it's just ketckup" He says.
  3. You just walk off without another word you sit back down then you realize, mom and dad will be home soon and I'm the one who's gonna get blamed for this. "CLEAN YOUR ROOM" I scream at him. "*hummmmppphhh*" he sighs. His door slams shut. Finally peace and quiet. An hour passes when your folks come home.
  4. You do tell but you try to make it sound as harmless as possible. "JAKE" your mom screams at the top of her lungs. She went into his room and screamed at him while your stuck with dad.
  5. Everyone sits down at the dinner table. everyone tries not to think bout the incedent. for dinner you're having steak with onion sauce on top with mash potatoes on the side.
  6. There's an aquard silence. "Soooooo.. dad when am I gonna go back to the lab again." You ask trying to break the ice. "Depends on when you want to sweetie" He says with a mumble. "How.... bout.... tomarrow?.." You say trying to sound intrested. "Sure and you can test a new machine out" He says with a smile.
  7. You wkae up it's morning. I was still stormy. You run downstairs eat then wait til it's time to go. Your dad grabs his bag and gets in the car. "I drive!" You say with excitment. He just shrugs and nods. When you get there you're greeted like you own the place. You feel kind of cooky. "Sit down I'll be right there" He says. You set your dtuf down on the chair and fix your shirt. Then you turn around and flash then black and tie die.
  8. You wake up in a grassy field someone with brown hair and brown eyes is standing over you. "Your awake are you ok? Are you hurt? Where you from? You ok?" He said hastily. You tell him "SHUT UP I'M FINE!!!!!"
  9. He helps you up then says "Here I'll take you to the city how does that sound?".
  10. You don't awnser. Then another guy comes out, he has huge muscles, dirty blonde hair, and icy blue eyes. "COME ON" He screms at you and him. You get up and burst into a run after them.
  11. Blonde says "We'll meet the others at the field".
  12. Next thing you know your in a feild of wheat. Then two other guys came runing, one with black hair and black eyes, other with red hair and green eyes. The red head came up and said something mathy. You narrow them down black/punk red/smartie blonde/muscles and brown/worried cutie.
  13. Thanks for taking this quiz!!!!(inthe muscles rezalt its icy blue eyes not green sry) clifhanger!!!!

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Quiz topic: Who's my future love?