Tough Romance Part 3

Part three is here! I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I worked as fast I can! So who are you for? Richard the smart quiet one who looks like oyoama from angel beats; with hazel eyes and chestnut brown hair? Or maybe Jacob who had obi wan's hair(second obi wan) with sky blue eyes and dirty blond who is funny and cheerful! Or is it Matthew who has noda's hair from angel beats, who has a secret past and has green eyes and black hair.

Part three is up and running and I hope you enjoy. Coment if you please I don't mind and get ready for a story. Hope you enjoy the quiz! Have a fun time!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. You look at the three extra levels of books. "Wow....." you say. "Thats why your gona need help." Richard smiled. "Well you sure are right." you say. "Follow me I might have something that your interested in..." he climbs up the latter. You followed him up the latter to the second level. The was one of those slide latters (like the ones thats connect to the shelf and slides when you puch one direction.) He climbed one and looked at a couple of books. You looked at some below him. He pushed it and looked at another section. You kept on looking. He asked "do you like poetry?" he asked. "I've heard of it but never read it. It never really caught my attention."You reply. "I see...." he said. He slid down the latter and climbed the next one leading to the third level.
  2. He looked on the third level and pulled out a book. You climb up the latter. Once you get there he hands you the book. "This is a hiaku. Its a form of poetry that has to have only three lines. Top line with only 5 sylablles the second has to have 7 and the last has 5. They are mostly about nature and they don't have to rhyme." He pointed at a hiaku called "Sun" 1st line "I give out warmth," 2nd line "I bring out happyness," 3rd line "I bring out joy" After you read it you say "is that all what peotry is?" "Poetry are not all like this. Theres traditional, lyric, free verse...but its not all the same. Some make you laugh, some are depressing, some just bring happyness, some are songs. Theres so many things to what a poem can mean."
  3. "So many things that a peom can mean. Love, happyness, loss, anything you van think of. But only one person knows....the one who wrote it..." he said. He seemed to be so interested in it. A tear slowly comes down his face. "Is something wrong? Richard?" You asked worried. "I apologize....just thinking of things many things..." He handed you the book. You look at him and hold his hand. "Tell me whats on your mind please?" you asked. "Its brother.....I always looked up to him....I awlays think that I wanted to be like him. But when he came back home...he was just a different man.....I just want to help him in some way but I also know that I can't..." You look at him and you see not only a cute, smart prince but you also see a young boy who just wants to see his brother happy like he use to be. You look at him and say "Richard, your brother will be happy again one day." 'How?" he asked. "Sometimes people just need to think. Be patient and you'll see him as you always had."
  4. "Thank you _____." He stopped and looked at you and put on a smile. "Maybe your right." "I know I am." you say. "Can I borrow this book?" you ask. "sure, I don't mind at all." he said. He climbed down the latter and you followed. Richard put the book that showed you the three levels back where it belonged and the ceiling came back down. And the three levels of books disappeared. You two walked to the game room which was next to the study. You saw Jacob practicing sword fighting along with Matthew. There was your painting still on th canvas. You don't remember painted it. But it was a beautiful picture of a arabric horse. It's black fur glowed in the painting's sun as she gallopped through the flowery meadows. The sky was nice and clear. You couldn't belive that you painted it. "Who painted this painting?" Richard asked amazed. "Not us." Jacob said. "I painted it." you say sheepishly. "Its nice, you even got the shades and angles good." said Richard. You blushed at his complament. "Its nothing." you say. "Oh its something thats for sure!" Jacob said. "Your pretty good too. And belive me I've seen a lot of paintings." Richard said. "Really?" You say. "Yes, I'm not much of a lier. I stutter when I lie! Even ask Jacob or Matthew!" Richard said as he walked to the couch to watch his brothers practice.
  5. You look at how the two brothers fight. Both of them are pretty agile and know where to strike at what stance the other does. It was pretty cool to watch them. After a while you start to read to peotry book and found out that it was pretty good. Richard was right. There was so many things that each poem meant. It was either extremly funny or really depressing or really inspiring. Each one was different in their own way even though they talked about the same thing. Then in that short time you realize that you almost finished. You look around and see Jacob and Richard playing chess while Matthew was writing in his journal. You looked out the window and saw that it was evening. "wow time flys." you mumble. "Guess you almost finished that book huh?" Richard asked looking at the chess board it was his turn and he was winning.
  6. "How long have I been reading?" You ask. "For about 5 hours. Guess you became a book worm." Jacob said as he thought of what to do next when Richard moved his rook. "Guess your right." You say smiling. "Glad you liked the book." Richard said. Jacob found and opening of Richard's King. So he moved his Kinght toward it. "Check mate!" Jacob said. "Oh i belive it is I who should be saying cheak mate." Richard moved his bishop in front of Jacobs King. Jacob sighed and knocked down his King. "You suck. I'm older and I'm being beaten by my younger brother." Jacob said. "I don't suck. I'm just too good and you always give up right before I'm abot to beat you!" Richard smiled. "Well you should find a more challenging oppent." Jacob said. Richard's face turn from being happy to depression. He looked at his brother at the corner of his eyes and seemed to be deep in thought. But you knew what he was thinking.
  7. Richard got up and put the pieces away and walked away. Matthew saw him and did nothing. He just continued writting. Jacob did a sigh and walked away to his room. You are then left alone with Matthew. Your about to say something but then the same weirf precence appeard arounf you again. A voice different from last night said "you can't do it....not as long as I'm around." it said. It was sounded cruel and women like. Laughter filled you ears. You excited the room and bumped into a girl. It wasn't Mary or the Queen. It was a girl with gray black like hair. She was 18 and she had red eyes. She was pale and had a beautiful black dress with her hair tied in a ribbon and one big ribbon around her waist. A white blouse covered her breast and she grined when she saw you. The same voice that you been hearing came from her. "Hi, I'm Lily!" then her black dress turned pick and her red eyes became brown. Her bows were red along with her under blouse. "Hi" you say scared.
  8. "Is Matthew here?" she asked friendly. You nod and say "he's in here." "Thanks and your...." she said and you introduced yourself. She went inside the game room and closed the door. You walk to the study and did what Richard did earlier. He was on the second floor reading a book. You climbed up there and asked him for another book like the one you had. He gave you another and said "don't drink it down too fast." he smiled. You smiled back. You were about to leave when you asked "hey do you know a girl named Lily?" His face darkened "That was the girl Matthew fell in loved with. But she broke his heart..." "Is that what happened?" he noded and said "I was there...."
  9. "What happened?" you asked. "I can't say. He trusted me with his secet in that story." he said. You nodded and left. Wondering what happened. Your about to pass the gaming room when you hear voices saying.....
  10. Sorry people thats the end of Tough Romance part 3. Hope you enjoyed and part 4 will be out as soon as possible!

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