18th century romance part 7

PART 7 OF MY SERIES!!!!!!!!!!

i hope you guys will like this one. it has a new little twist to it. :-) don't worry, its not too bad

Created by: elisabeth

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  1. you get out of the coach and look around
  2. you and Elisabeth get on your horses and gallop off before things get worse. you look back and see some one galloping with you
  3. you stop and wait in a small field. no one else out of the guys are coming out of the forest. William convinces you to keep going. just as you are mounting your horse, you hear shots being fired.
  4. you turn your horse around and start heading for the manor you see in the distance.you come to the manor. "how may i help you?" asks an elderly servant. you explain the situation
  5. the manor is owned by a widowed woman. she makes sure you are comfortable in your rooms and assigns you a personal maid while you stay there. William goes back to help the guys.
  6. you wake up to someone running down the hall
  7. you look out your door and see a maid hurrying down the hall with towels. you come out to the staircase and ask a maid what is going on. she tells you that a few young men came and two of them are wounded.
  8. you go to Elizabeth's room but she is not there. you look into some of the other rooms. you find her in a room sitting next to someone. you enter the room and see that she is treating stephen's wound. she turns around and tries to smile."who else was wounded?" you ask, "Eugene.." she says sadly
  9. you come into a room and see the doctor cleaning Eugene's wound. you decide to leave the room.
  10. you see a guy standing near the window. he hears you close the door and turns around
  11. it is William. you can't stop staring at his fancy clothes and new look." welcome to my manor,_____"

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