Taily Love Story Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my series .The first part was short because something like an introduction .Recap: You said goodnight to Jake and your mom amd fell asleep wondering why Poseidon made so strict rules .

Chris:tall, muscular ,black hair, brown puppy-dog eyes Tom (mystery guy): taller than Chris, red hair blue eyes Jake:brown hair, deep green eyes Justin:blonde, hair blue eyes

Created by: nirvanarocks

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  1. I heard a familiar voice ."Wake up lazy daisy!" .After that it was like the whole sun was into my room .I rubbed my eyes and saw my other best friend Helen who had opened the seaweed curtains.Unlike Jake I know Helen from the moment we were both born .She is a few inches taller than me with dark brown eyes and short light brown hair .Believe me, when I say that she has short hair I mean really short .Like a boy's hair short .If someone meets Helen for the first time he will suppose that she is very shy .Well ,she is but since she cut her hair she has changed.
  2. "Come on Sam you've been lazy the whole year .Will you do me this favor and get your lazy butt off the hammock ?" she said ."Okay okay I'm up you made it ,do you want a cookie now ?" I asked "Very funny Sam .You haven't mentioned that cookie since we were 8 " "No, I mean literaly, do you want a cookie ?My mom made them yesterday they are delicious." I said "Samantha I will anderstand you" she responded and we headed to school with two cookies in our hands.
  3. "Where do you think you are going without me ?" Jake said ."When did you come ?" Helen asked ."I was behind you for some time and since you didn't notice I decided to appear ."Anywhays tell us Sam what did you see yesterday ?" Helen asked ."I saw a lighthouse it was ...""Wait you mean Helen wasn't with you last night ?" Jake cut me off ."No , she wasn't .She was with Ryan !" I said with a teasing look .Helen's cheeks turned into a light pink ."Oh ,I understand she was with her boyfriend" Jake said winking at me ."Shut up both of you .Ryan is a nice guy but he is NOT my boyfriend" I stopped there because Helen was blushing fiercely.
  4. We arrived at school and I headed to my first class .Math .I sat to my rock-seat and beside sat a boy I had never seen before ."Hi , my name is Justin and ... I'm new ." My name is Samantha, Sam for short , and ... I'm old ." "Nice one" he said laughing .I happily want to add that my heart skiped a bit when I saw his smile .The whole lesson flew by very quickly .Me and Justin were often glancing at each other .I don't know why but something natural pushed me to him .
  5. When the bell rang I exited the classroom and tried to find Helen and Jake .I finally saw Helen but she was talking with Ryan and I decided not to 'interupt' them and went to my locker instead (yes merpeople have lockers) .I tried to open it but you know what happens with lockers and bad days ."Want me to help you with this ?" somebody asked .I turned and saw the most beautiful, most captivating in the whole Atlantis ."I ..." I trailed off .We were staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity ."Here let me" he said and opened my locker ."Thanks" I managed to say ."No prblem.See you around Sam" he said and left .
  6. "Earth to Sam . Are you there Sam ?" Ryan was infront of me waving his hand infront of my face .I sucked in a breath "Yeah I'm fine .Do you know who that was ?""You mean the guy you were staring at ?His name is Chris and he just transferd here with his brother Justin .You had the previous period with him" he said "Oh yeah I remember" . I chatted wit Ryan a little longer .He was a nice guy to talk to .I understand why Helen likes him .He has short brown hair and light blue eyes .And of course he likes her too .He always gets flirty around her .
  7. The bell rang and we were joined by Helen and Jake because it was history time:( Today we were learning about shipwrecks .The techer went on and on about a ship named Dolphin .She red to us a part of a poem for that ship : With a coral floor and a golden ceiling the Dolphin was making it's way through the waves through the ocean and always with the sun shining upon it .
  8. I recognised that part .My mother had one exactly like this .It was in a box .But not anybox .Inside that box there were my father's things .My mom didn't know I had discovered it .That box was the only thing I had from my father .
  9. I wrote down the ship's destination and passed it to Helen ."What is this ?" she wishpered ."The place we are going tonight" Her eyes were full of surprise and longing for a good adventure .I smiled and turned my attention to the lesson until ...
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!I know not the best cliffhanger but I loved writing it .That's the end of Part 2 .Now, who do you want ?

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