How Brown do you think you are?

There are many brown people, but a few only know about their true Sensation. What is a brownie ? A brownie is someone with the ability to be coloured. A brownie will always be dominant, and a brownie will never give up !

Are you a true brownie ? Do you have enough skill to be the ultimate brownie ? You could only wonder in your brown mind. But thanks to this brown quiz, you might know more about your unique self !

Created by: Jay

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Why are you taking this quiz ?
  2. Well you know what ...
  3. Whats your skin colour ?
  4. Time to get serious. Do you get angry easily ?
  5. Do you like to fight alot ?
  6. Do you prefer: a) Chocolate Milk b) White Milk
  7. Do you know who Kimbo Slice is ?
  8. One day, you walked around the corner of a random location and saw a fellow brownie getting beat up. What do you do ?
  9. Having Fun ?
  10. If your bored, crank up some tunes. By the way, what type of music do you prefer ?
  11. Have you ever considered yourself mental ?
  12. 2nd Mental Question ----------------------- Do you get distracted easy ?
  13. 3rd Mental Question -------------------- Do you often hear voices in your head ?
  14. Sorry about the mental questions, it just adds up more to your true browness. Do you like food ?
  15. Your in line for buying lunch. A fellow brownie asks for money and budges you. What do you do ?
  16. Are you obssesed with computers ?
  17. Do you respect the more advanced and respected people ? " The Black People "
  18. Can you enlarge your nostrills ?
  19. Whats the most Brown sport to you ?
  20. Almost done here ----------------- What if some random brown kid came up to you, randomly enlarged his noseholes, and screamed "Bring It" How would you react ?
  21. Last Question -------------- Deep down, from the bottom of your heart. Tell me how brown this quiz was for you. This could affect your overall rating, or not. It depends if you trust the random brown kid making this quiz.

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Quiz topic: How Brown do I think you are?