which hottie will you love

i'v been taking alot of who will you love quizzes so i though i would make one for myself well i hope you like it and if you do i might make part two =-)

guys: josh- he has blond hair and light blue eyes. nick- he has deep brown eyes and curly brown hair. seth- hot with abs and musceles dirty blonde hair with brown eyes. jacoby- black hair over one eye and green eyes

Created by: Destinee

  1. *READ THE PLOT FIRST* your at the mall with your friend when she says there is 4 guys that keep starin at you. your thinking
  2. your about to leave the mall but your friend forgot something. your feet hurt so you tell her you'll stay at the car. when she leaves the 4 boys come out of no where and put you in the back of there car. your thinking
  3. when the car stops the boy with black hair helps you out and takes you into a gorgeous mansion
  4. he takes you to the dining room and then when the rest of the boys come the one with blond hair begins to talk. __________, listen we all really like you and we want you to chose which one you like. so we brought you here where you'll stay for a month then decide who you love
  5. by the way im josh. the emo dude is jacoby, seth is the one with the huge musceles and the other guy is nick. we should probly take you to ur room now. who do you want to take you
  6. no matter who you chose they all decide to take you when they get there all of the boys leave except jacoby. he locks the door and tells you he really likes you and hopes you pick him. then he kisses you and leaves. you think
  7. what ever you chose you get up looking for the bathroom you walk into the wrong room and see nick playing guitar. you startle him by saying hes really good he thanx you and tells you that he loves and and kisses you passionatly. after that you ask him were the bathroom is. he takes you there then he says he's got to go to guitar practice and leaves you. wacha thinkin
  8. when you walk out of the bathroom you see someone you havent seen before. he walks up to you and leans you up aganist a walk and tells you that he loves you more then the other guys. and starts kissing you, you slap him and tells you that you will regret that. you scream and run away. seth hears you and comes to you and takes you to your room trying to calm you down
  9. he says that he knows the guy and that his name is connor. and that hes... CLIFFHANGER!!!
  10. so who do you love

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